Chimera and Zylight proudly announce!

Zylight, a leading manufacturer of innovative LED lighting solutions, has partnered with Chimera Lighting to manufacture and distribute Active Diffusion, Zylight’s patented electronic diffusion technology.

Built as a flexible, electronically-controllable LCD screen that can be utilized with fluorescents or any other cool lights, like LEDs, Zylight’s Active Diffusion panel will affix to gel frames or precisely-sized Chimera softboxes.

Available in a variety of dimensions, Active Diffusion is a boon for cinematographers, video professionals and photographers. The adjustable opacity of the Active Diffusion panel eliminates the need for an assistant as operators can instantaneously dial in the diffusion from 0-100% through remote-control handsets.

As a consultant for Zylight for more than ten years as well as one of the patent holders on the brand new, electronically-controllable Active Diffusion panels, available through Chimera, Jeffrey M. Hamel has been a fixture, so to speak, in the burgeoning LED revolution since the very early days of its inception.

According to Mr. Hamel, “Chimera’s new Active Diffusion used with Zylight’s F8 Fresnels, for example, allows you to change from a hard to a soft source immediately, in real time. The ability to change light levels, quality and wraparound without changing diffusion frames will make this a must-have for every shoot. The technology is lighting’s first “follow focus”.”

Come by the CHIMERA LIGHTING BOOTH at CineGear for a first hand look and be sure to enter below to win one of the first units available to the public!

Congrats to the winner of the Active Diffusion and Controller: Joshua Stern

About Active Diffusion

Key Features
  • Worlds Only Variable Diffusion Panel
  • Palm Sized Controller
  • Continually Adjustable Diffusion
  • Long Life – More than 1 Mil. on/off Switches
  • Flexible for Easy Portability
  • Low Voltage Requirements – 9V
  • DMX compatible

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