Roberto Valenzuela: Clarity and Light

Photographers often have similar stories about discovering their love for taking pictures when they were young and received a camera from a family member or took a class in high school. Award winning photographer, educator and top selling author Roberto Valenzuela’s career began in high school but in a very different way than one would imagine. Click to read more!

Behind the Scenes at NFL Honors with the Chimera RingMAXX

Senior Photo Editor and lead photographer for the NFL, Ben Liebenberg gives us an amazing behind-the-scenes look at making press images for the NFL Honors.


Chimera Events at WPPI 2016

CABSAT Dubai 2016

March 8-10

From Film School to Grey’s Anatomy with Greg Reeves

As Assistant Chief Lighting Technician (Best Boy), Greg Reeves knows what’s going to happen next on Grey’s Anatomy but he’s not telling. In fact, he’s been privy to the secrets of this award-winning medical drama for more than a decade and has loved every minute of his tenure with the show.

Dealing With Change – And How Transitioning Can Be Good For Us All

“Any artist would benefit from learning other creative disciplines. We should all explore other arts and technologies, then combine them – what cognitive researchers call ‘unusual associations’. I think that’s a better strategy than just being a purist in one field.” – August Bradley

Why Super Pro X Lightbanks with M.D. Welch

Photographer M.D. Welch discusses why he chooses Chimera lightbanks over the competition for his work.

Adventures in Light with David Clifford

Some photographers are lucky enough to say they had a parent inspire them to pick up a camera. For David Clifford, his father was a longtime Minolta shooter with a subscription to American Photo magazine. Clifford’s story is one that follows an interesting narrative of immersing yourself in what you love, realizing when you have to make the hard choices of following passions, and setting yourself up for success with investing in yourself.

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