Cinec 2016


Welcome …

… to the International Trade Fair for Cine Equipment and Technology!

The cinec with its accompanying future-focused cineCongress and the cinecAwards is an international high-level trade fair for experts. Producers in the film, TV, and video industry present their latest developments to professionals who are involved in taking content from creation to consumption.

Hands on and face-to-face communication give way to network, discuss, and learn and provide unique insights in technical achievements, impacts of new market structures, new delivery systems, and new consumer expectations of modern audiences. With over 4000 visitors and 180 exhibitors cinec is a major trade fair for business experts in the motion-picture-world.

Together with commercial considerations, the “user experience” remains paramount – films need to provide beautiful pictures or touching stories and these can be enhanced by top class equipment with new technical developments working together with artistic creativity in the art of film-making.


Location:MOC Events Center, Hall 2 / 3,
Munich, Germany