Chimera sponsor’s a handful of the best workshops throughout the year and this is one of the most unique and spectacular. If you want to learn glamour photography from the best look no farther than Chimera Visionary Jarmo Pohjaniemi and his Shoot The Centerfold workshops series. STC brings together a full creative team with years of experience and plenty of talent to go around. Check out the link below for a chance of a life time.

“If there is one place on earth revered by most photographers and art directors in the industry, Santorini would rank at the top of a very short list. Shoot The Centerfold has travelled to Santorini and created some of the most breathtaking campaigns and Playboy pictorials. Now we offer a lucky few the chance to turn up the heat and experience a week-long dream getaway with a top crew of STC master photographers and top models, and of course the indispensable help of a few Greek Gods by our side.” -STC


Location:Santorini Greece