Blend Studio

The talented duo team at Blend Studio has helped create a variety of content for Canon, CNBC, Intel, Ihop, 7Eleven, Fossil, Walmart and many others for over a decade. They had a taste of creating content shooting weddings (Brandon) and in-house production for a startup (Joe).

Advertising can sometimes not involve exciting subject matters or stories but having the right creative problem solving crew and friends working together making each scene lit well make it worthwhile. As clients come to Blend they always take it back to: “What problem are you trying to solve?”

Brandon modestly gives lighting advice: “We wouldn’t necessarily claim ourselves as artists, but shaping light and shadows is an art for sure. Having an understanding of light and shadows is the biggest swinging skill to set your work apart from the rest. If you don’t have the luxury of choosing your location, camera package, lenses, and so on, having the ability to change, shape and alter the light and shadows is everything.”

Busy with commercial work: Blend Studio has implemented the Chimera POP bank into their productions allowing them to knock out interviews in haste. “It’s extremely easy to use in fast paced interview setups and enhances the quality of light beautifully for skin tones.” Brandon says.

“What problem are you trying to solve?”

“I’ve never been disappointed with any product from Chimera”

Blend studio’ uses lighting as part of the tool set to enhance the story. Blend’ definitely has best practices that they use as foundation for each project but they wisely carry out “Natural, High Key, Low Key, Far-Side, Conceptual… We practice it all. What makes perfect lighting is fooling the audience in to not thinking about the light until you want them to.”

“I’ve never been disappointed with any product from Chimera, and I’m really interested in the new overhead products they are making with Litegear.”

And their best advice is: “Hire people better than you and pay them what they deserve.”

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