I. Bob Carmichael, am a director/cameraman and still photographer that learned to light in the motion picture business. We wanted to keep Mike Boyd Drums very simple and dramatic. So when I outfitted my studio I went with K5600 HMI lights because I loved the look, power and knew how reliable the company and product was. I shoot most of my stills under these lights and my smaller film projects. I have two small Chimera soft boxes, 2 mediums, a large plus, and a Pancake. That covers me for a lot of projects. Greg Lowe and I go back some 40 years making adventure films and I’ve always admired his design brilliance. Chimera Lighting is simply family to me.

The K5600 lights are highly portable and combined with Chimeras just have a gorgeous, wrapping light. We sit ONE Joker 800 with a Chimera Large Softbox … and then cut any extraneous spill off the walls and the result was a beautiful sourced light highlighting Mike on his drum exhibition.

Mike Boyd is a trained percussionist and this short film showcases his style and versatility. We hope you enjoy it and will let your musician friends know about Mike Boyd. He’s on a quest, chasing the dream of rock musicianship. I love his style and respect his mastery of the drums!

-Bob Carmichael

Bob Carmichael
Carmichael Productions, Inc.
credit: ACamera Denver for Alexa rental.