Chimera Visionary Brook Aitken set out to capture one of the worlds biggest movie stars Samuel L Jackson for a Fox Sports NFC Championship pre-game spot between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. Brook packed his usual key light and modifier combination a Nila Boxer and Chimera Super Pro Boxer Edition (#1035N). This combination of Nila Boxer and Chimera provided a very soft wrap around light for Mr. Jackson’s interview. Watch the final spot and see the behind the scenes below.

Brook Aitken:

“I was contacted by Fox Sports to DP a commercial with Samuel L Jackson. Since Mr Jackson was on location in Telluride filming on Quentin Terrintinos “Hateful Eight” we would have to go to him.
I discussed the look with the director and showed him a few screen grabs of several looks I had created before, he liked it and so I tweaked them a little to give it an original look.
We shot with my Sony F55 camera in 4k with a TelePrompter and mounted it on my Dana Dolly slider. I knew that there would be plenty of time for post to color correct the footage so I shot in S-log3.

I knew that getting the backdrop up to Telluride was not going to be easy but I located a Home Depot that would be willing to deliver the 20 sheets of metal siding that I ordered. I imagine the bell-hop wasn’t too thrilled dealing with the delivery the night before.

DP Brook tests the light, although he is a bald white guy he knows how to compensate for skin tones. Below the final lighting tweaks are made with Samuel L Jackson on set.

The room had ample depth so I knew I could put the talent at least 20 feet away for the backdrop to maintain good separation. For my key light I used my Nila boxer with a medium Chimera light bank and a light tools grid to avoid excessive spill. I used a Kino Flo 2 foot 4 bank with a “diaper” on it to soften it up as a rim light for talent. Next I used two Arri 650s with one and a half full CTB raking across the corrugated metal siding.

I placed two MoleFay six light fixtures in the shot with a 6 x 6 double net in front of the lights to give it a diffused look and knock them down even further so I could see the detail in the stipple lenses. The Mole’s were on dimmers squeezed to about 25% giving a warm rich look to the lights.

I used a 1X1 light panel as a scratch light from 3/4 back for SJ’s fill side and another 1×1 standing by incase I wanted additional fill light.
Both the director and Mr. Jackson were very thrilled with the look, that’s enough to fuel any DP’s fire.”

The Chimera and Nila Boxer combination always come through for DP Brook Aitken. Below you can see screen captures of the final product shot with Aitken’s personal Sony F55.

Finally its always good to get a shot with your talent! Brook has a great collection of these going from Michael Jordan to Macklemore and now the legednary Samuel L Jackson.