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CHIMERA ADDS A NEW LIGHTBANK TO ITS POP BANK RANGE: [POP] bank Small for Litepanels Astra and other 1×1 Fixtures 

Contact: Adam Rodriguez

7 January 2019
For Immediate Release

Chimera is excited to announce its newest addition to the POP bank range; The POP bank Small for Litepanels Astra and other 1×1 Fixtures. The POP bank Small expands the range of POP banks for 1×1 fixtures. The POP bank Small requires no mounting hardware or frame, and simply slides over the front of your fixture, allowing for portability and ease of use. With an increased front aperture size and the ability to be used vertically or horizontally. The POP bank Small is a versatile tool for any lighting professional’s kit.

The POP bank Small is lightweight, collapsible and handmade in Colorado to Chimera’s high quality standards The Pop Bank Small uses Chimera standard small size front screens and increases the aperture of a 1×1 LED panel style fixture to 24” x 32” (607 mm x 83 mm).  The POP Bank Small will be sold as a kit, with grid-less front screens in Full and Half, packed in a messenger style kit bag.

The POP bank Small is competitively priced and available NOW from Chimera dealers worldwide.

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CHIMERA has been providing high quality light modifying products to the motion picture, video and still photography community worldwide since 1980.  Chimera products are lightweightand portable and can turn your hard light into a beautiful broad, diffused light sourcewithin minutes. Chimera products include Lightbanks, Strip Banks, Mini and MaxiBanks, OctaPlus Banks, Panels and Frames, Lanterns, and Speed Rings.

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Shot by digitalmovie’s filming crew over 2 different explorations back in 2016 and 2017, “The Choice” documentary movie focuses on adventurous Luigi Casati’s exploration of Italy’s deepest cave at Sorgente del Gorgazzo.

In production you always work with various parties and have to deal with loads of different opinions.  It is challenging to stick to your vision because you need to adapt to the clients’ wishes. However collaborating with clients is a big and essential part of every assignment.

Portland Maine Cinematographer Dean Merrill got gorgeous shots with the Panel Lantern in the Cumberland Club video promo.

Cumberland Club is a private social club in Maine that was looking for a promo video. In 8 years of shooting Dean has shot for Sony, Timberland, Ralph Lauren, Cole Hann, Reebok, Hewlett Packard, Vineyard Vines.

The project started when Director Jameson Smith asked Dean Merrill to come see the Cumberland Club one day. While enjoying a lovely old fashion, Jameson asked if Dean wanted to shoot this project with him. They started brainstorming ideas that would fulfill the Club’s needs, and they landed on the concept of following a character’s adventure through the rooms of the Club during a 5 minute break from a meeting.

Jodi Jones is an award-winning photographer, producer and creative director. She often has to work with tough deadlines and demanding clients that expect full collections to be shot in one day. Often she handles both still and video shoots together. Getting the perfect light for every shot throughout the day is crucial. “It’s a real challenge to work under pressure on very limited set up time and to shoot such a variety of looks in one day” states Jodi. “I have clients where I shoot 120 different clothing looks in just one day! This requires not only super speed, but a great team, and having a simple solution to create stunning lighting is paramount!” As with her latest Valentino shoot, this is further complicated when taking pictures outdoors from morning to night and dealing with the overpowering sun while keeping a consistent feel throughout. 

Ignjat Miletic started cinematography at age 15 shooting skateboarding videos.  Using his uncle’s old camera, with a battery that would die after 3 minutes created a challenge that taught him to plan his shots and think ahead. He quickly progressed into shooting music videos for Dutch music artists that eventually got played on TV. From the beginning of his career Ignjat said “No matter what camera you use, no matter the budget, I taught myself the importance of good lighting. I came to realize that light is the magic touch”.  Now Ignjat looks to create the most interesting frames using the camera and lights of his choosing.

Set during the height of the Cold War in 1962, the Shape of Water applauds and at the same time subverts the classic film genres of science fiction and romance. At times frightening and at other times absolutely heartbreaking, the story updates The Creature from the Black Lagoon for modern audiences through a humorous, tense, and at many times absolutely adorable exploration of the heart, fear, and trust. In a love letter penned by director Guillermo Del Toro and cowriter Vanessa Taylor to the hallmark days of classic American science fiction, Shape of Water follows the silent Sally as she discovers a forbidden love with a creature unlike any she’s ever known.

Driven by endless curiosity and genuine ambition, Matteo Mescalchin works on lighting techniques and image innovation, continuously taking his photography to the next level. At Digital Movie, Matteo personally handcrafts every angle of light. Project requirements and the methods to achieve them begin every job. On this project, safety was critical to ensure that there were no accidents during underwater production.