I love the challenges and opportunities that come when working with natural light. There’s a certain beauty to existing light on locations, and I think it’s our job as cinematographers to take what’s best with the light and make it work for the scene.

Chimera Visionary Brook Aitken set out to capture one of the worlds biggest movie stars Samuel L Jackson for a Fox Sports NFC Championship pre-game spot between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. Brook packed his usual key light and modifier combination a Nila Boxer and Chimera Super Pro Boxer Edition (#1035N). This combination of Nila Boxer and Chimera provided a very soft wrap around light for Mr. Jackson’s interview. Watch the final spot and see the behind the scenes below.

I. Bob Carmichael, am a director/cameraman and still photographer that learned to light in the motion picture business. We wanted to keep Mike Boyd Drums very simple and dramatic. So when I outfitted my studio I went with K5600 HMI lights because I loved the look, power and knew how reliable the company and product was. I shoot most of my stills under these lights and my smaller film projects. I have two small Chimera soft boxes, 2 mediums, a large plus, and a Pancake. That covers me for a lot of projects. Greg Lowe and I go back some 40 years making adventure films and I’ve always admired his design brilliance. Chimera Lighting is simply family to me.

On a crisp December day DP Brook Aitken went to Denver to the headquarters of the Broncos. His task was to capture an interview two of the defensive stars of the NFL Von Miller and Chris Harris Jr. talking about injuries and re-habbing together from identical knee surgeries. They also spoke about their aspirations of a Super Bowl title. With limited time and budget, the small crew set out to capture a unique look with a little planning and some trips to the local hardware store.

Shooting a low budget feature is a challenging task … and it can be a bit crazy too! There is so much to be learned throughout the process of shooting a feature film – especially for young DPs. As a long time proponent of lighting education, I believe that a thorough understanding of lighting can have an enormous impact on nearly every facet of the production process – from story telling and mood to scheduling and budget.