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Contact: Adam Rodriguez


Chimera Lighting is pleased to be introducing a frameless Lightbank and a Lantern for the Cineo Lighting Standard 410.

Erie Colorado, April 04, 2018 –

Chimera Lighting will introduce a frameless Lightbank and a Lantern for the Cineo Lighting Standard 410 at the upcoming NAB Expo in Las Vegas.

The Lightbank is lightweight, collapsible and handmade in Colorado to Chimera’s high quality standards. The Lightbank uses Chimera standard small size front screens and increases the aperture of the Cineo Lighting’s Standard 410 to 24” x 32” (607 mm x 83 mm).  The Lightbank (p/n 1629C) will be sold as a kit, with grid-less front screens in Full and Half, packed in a messenger style kit bag, all weighing less than 2 lbs (0.9 kg).

The Chimera Lantern for Cineo Lighting Standard 410 kit (p/n 1841) uses a frame to mount in the fixture accessory holder and expands to 28”x 35” x 22-1/2” tall (711mm x 889mm x 572mm).  The kit includes 27-1/2” (698 mm) skirts, which can be rolled up and down to control spill.   The kit packs into a zippered duffel.

The Chimera Lightbank and Lantern for Cineo Lighting Standard 410 will be shipping on or before 1 May 2018.  These products will be available from Cineo Lighting distributors and the global Chimera dealer network.

Visit Chimera at the upcoming NAB in booth C4749 for a look at this and other new products.  For additional information on CHIMERA’s Lighting Products and to find your nearest dealer, visit


Cineo Lighting, Inc was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems available for the motion picture, television, and photography industries. By pioneering cutting-edge technologies, Cineo creates high-output, compact light sources for image capture, in all power ranges, which exceed the capabilities of traditional lighting tools.


CHIMERA has been providing high quality light modifing products to the motion picture, video and still photography community worldwide since 1980.  Chimera products are lightweight and portable and can turn your hard light into a beautiful broad, diffused light source within minutes. Chimera products include Lightbanks, Strip Banks, Mini and Maxi Banks, OctaPlus Banks, Panels and Frames, Lanterns, and Speed Rings.