Expanding the Chimera Tech Lightbank family of ARRI SkyPanel accessories, Chimera Lighting announces a new model in the line: the Chimera Lightbank for the ARRI SkyPanel S120

Boulder, March 14, 2017

ARRI skies are bright with the new Chimera Lightbank for the ARRI SkyPanel S120. Building on the highly regarded and previously available Chimera Lightbanks for the ARRI SkyPanel S30 and S60 Tech Lightbanks, Chimera has broadened support for ARRI’s professional SkyPanel LED lighting systems to the largest available model in the line, the ARRI Sky Panel S120 Tech Lightbank (model #1649), and the Universal Mounting Brackets (model #1601).
Like the rest of the models in the Chimera Tech Lightbank series, known throughout the industry for excellent light transmission and versatility, the Chimera Tech Lightbank for the ARRI Sky Panel S120 is constructed from durable, secure and long-lasting fabrics and materials.  Sized to easily slide into the ARRI SkyPanel S120-C accessory slot, the system comes with Lightbank body and mounting frame, full diffusion front screen, 1/2 and 1/4 grid front screens, 1/8 grid inner baffle for extra diffusion, and a storage sack to safely port the whole kit.
Just as with Chimera’s models for the smaller ARRI SkyPanel S30 and S60 Tech Lightbanks, the Chimera Sky Panel S120 Tech Lightbank is available with additional options from Chimera for controlling and enhancing light spread from ARRI SkyPanel LED fixtures, including egg crate fabric grids and barndoors. (The S60 Tech Lightbank uses Chimera Video Pro Medium accessories while the S30 Tech Lightbank will affix to Chimera Video Pro Small front screens.)
With 50.8″ x 11.8” front panel surface area and 110-degree light spread, ARRI’s SkyPanel S120-C LED lights are popular for their fully tunable color range of 2,800 K to 10,000 K. At half the front panel sizes respectively, the ARRI SkyPanel S60 and S30 are also available in variable color temperature models as well as remote phosphor (RP) variants in daylight (5,600K), tungsten (3,200K) and other color temperatures.

In addition to the latest Chimera Lightbank for the ARRI Sky Panel S120 Tech Lightbank (model #1649), Chimera offers a Lightbank for the ARRI Sky Panel S30 the smallest and most portable model in the ARRI SkyPanel family.   There are also two Chimera S60 Tech Lightbank iterations for the medium-sized ARRI SkyPanel S60 LED panels. The Shallow Lightbank (model #1638) has a depth of 12” for working with less overhead and tighter sets, while the Standard Lightbank (model #1639) has a more common depth of 16”. The Universal Mounting Brackets (model #1601) work with all Skypanels.

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