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Chimera offers a grip head adapter for most speed rings we offer.

The majority of strobe speed rings, as well as Video Pro and Daylite Junior speed rings 6-1/2″ use a #3770 Grip Head Adapter. The four holes of the adapter align with four holes on the corner of the speed ring near where the pole socket is.

Larger Video Pro and Daylite Junior rings use #3700 Grip Head Adapter, which uses two screws (included) to attach to the outer metal frame of the ring at one of the pole sockets.

For QUartz’Daylite speed rings, two options exist. Grip Head Adapter #3710, accomodates rings up to 29″, and inserts into a 2.5″ Grip Head, ideal for Small and Medium lightbanks. For Large lightbanks, we recommend Grip Head Adapter #3725, which utilizes the larger 4.5″ Junior Grip Head / Lollipop.

Keep in mind that when using a Grip Head Adapter, the lightbank cannot be rotated after mounting as the speed ring is directly affixed to the stand. As a result, some planning is needed.

Chimera’s stand adapters were designed as the perfect tool to attach a Triolet, Mogul Socket, or even hot shoe with a baby stud to a light stand.

The single axis offers tilt in one direction, providing basic adjustment and aiming.

The dual axis tilts both forwards/backwards, as well as side to side. This gives you more flexibility and range in aiming.

We originally designed the Dual Axis to support rectangular and strip lightbanks mounting to non-rotating speed rings (such as the Lowel Pro light Video Pro Ring, and our Versi system). Being able to tilt 90 degrees to the side allowed the same range of placement that a rotating speed ring offered.

Both the Grip Head Adapters and Heavy Duty Stand Adapters aim to solve the same problem: alleviating the weight of larger lightbanks from damaging the light.

Grip Head Adapters utilize a simple design that screws into most speed rings and attaches to a 2.5″ Baby Grip Head. This interfaces with very common pieces of lighting equipment and offers a simple setup.

Heavy Duty Stand Adapters feature custom-built brackets that attach to the speed ring and have an integrated tilt mechanism, that require no additional parts. They offer a bit more refined control over the tilt and positioning of the lightbank, thanks to a large ratcheting lock handle.

While Grip Head Adapters are available for nearly every size and style of Chimera speed rings, Heavy Duty Stand Adapters are only available for Chimera’s four-pole Strobe speed rings, and select Video Pro and Daylite Junior rings.

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