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The Daylite Junior is a deeper alternative to Chimera’s Video Pro line of lightbanks. The increased depth helps ensure even and soft illumination when using narrow beam fixtures. This includes fresnels or spots, typically under 2,000W. Conversely, broad beam fixtures, such as open faces or floods can be used with a Daylite Junior, though they are more suited for a Video Pro or Video Pro Shallow.

The increased depth of the Daylite Jr. lightbank does require a different ring than the standard Video Pro speed ring. Daylite Jr. rings feature angled pole blocks, engineered in conjunction with the unique shape of the Daylite Jr. Bank. Mounting a Daylite Jr. bank onto a Video Pro ring may result in damage to the pole or speed ring. Conversely, mounting a Video Pro bank to a Daylite Junior ring, will cause the bank to sag.

The Daylite series of banks is designed to accomodate narrow beam-angle fixtures, most commonly fresnels. They are phyiscally longer in depth than Video Pro or Quartz lightbanks. We remember it as “D for Daylite, D for Deeper.”

Daylite Junior is the deeper counterpart to Video Pro lightbanks, designed for fixtures under 2,000W or 9-5/8″ Speed Ring Diameter.

Daylite Standard is the deeper counterpart to Quartz lightbanks, designed for fixtures from 2kW to 12kW, or Speed Ring Diameters from 9″ to 22-7/8.”

The Daylite Senior, available only in a Large Size is the ulitmate lightbank, supporting fixtures up to a whopping 24,000 watts or Speed Ring Diameters from 24-1/2″ to 29.”

The “X-Small, Small, Medium,” and “Large” we use to refer to all lightbanks refers to the size of the front-screen. This provides uniformity to the size of the source, regardless if you’re working with a strobe lightbank or one for continuous light.

Daylite Junior lightbanks cannot be mounted onto a Video Pro Speed Ring. Because of the increased depth of the Daylite Junior and Daylite standard Lightbanks, unique Daylite Junior rings are required. These rings feature angled pole blocks, compared to the 90º straight pole blocks of a Video Pro ring.

Forcing a Daylite Junior lightbank onto a Video Pro ring may damage the ring or lightbank, or snap the support pole.

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