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Unlike traditional booms, no phyiscal brake is necessary, as the load of the fixture is balanced by rear counterweights. A properly balanced light boom will retain its position, and can be fine tuned by sliding the rear counterweights forward and backward.

When removing a fixture from the boom, we recommend removing the rear counterweights first and resting the light in a boom-down position. Removal of the fixture first, could cause the boom to unexpectedly pivot upwards.


We include a standard 12″ extension with the Compact lightboom, and 18″ with the standard, giving them a 32″ and 72″ reach respectively.
The reach of the Chimera Light Booms can be upgraded and increased down the line should you ever need to reach further!

If you need a longer reach, simply swap out the extension with any of the accessory extensions, both are compatible with either the Standard or Compact, Available in 24, 30, and 48″ versions, these handy extensions retain the Light Boom’s unique 360 degree rotation and install quickly without any tools necessary.



What stand is recommended to use with my light boom?

A: The light booms feature a “combo” mounting pin, meaning that they can mount on either a 5/8″ Baby Male Stud or 1-1/8″ Junior Receiver.

We recommend a sturdy stand with a wide footprint to accommodate the outward load of the boom, and many of our users note that rolling wheels are a major plus.

With the Compact Light Boom, many users have found a standard C-Stand sufficient, while stands such as a medium roller, rolling combo, or single wind-up are recommended for the Standard Light Boom.


Due to shipping restrictions, Chimera Light Boom Counterweight Bags are delivered empty. They are sized to hold 15 pounds of lead shot as counterweight.

We have had success with 5, 6, or 7 gauge lead shot, available from many sporting goods stores that carry hunting supplies, or found online.

We have not had as much success utilizing sand in the counterweight bags, as it is less dense than the lead shot and may not provide enough weight.

Using a plastic funnel the counterweight bags can easily be filled.


The maximum weight of a Standard Lightboom is 15 pounds, and Compact Light Boom 7.5 pounds. This is based on using the extension that is included with the light boom. Adding longer stand extensions decreases the maximum weight payload.

In simple terms, the light boom’s maximum payload is a 2:1 in a counterweight-to-light ratio, meaning that your light should be 1/2 the weight of the total amount of counterweight. The standard boom ships with two empty counterweight bags, capable of 15 lbs each, or 30 pounds total. The compact boom includes one empty counterweight bag, capable of 15 pounds.

We recommend using lead shot, in a 5, 6, or 7 guage to fill the counterweight bags, as sand often does not provide enough weight.

The balance can be further fine-tuned by sliding the counterweight(s) forwards and backwards on the rear of the boom.


Cable management in any situation is critical. A damaged header cable or extension cable is not only a costly repair, but also a potential safety hazard.

Chimera Light Booms include adhesive cable “keeper” clips as well as two velcro ties, to secure the cable wherever you choose along the light boom.


Yes, the lateral reach of the light booms (Standard or Compact) can be extended by adding the interchangeable extensions. Simply unscrew the black plastic handle at the front plate of the boom, and slide the extension off. You can choose from 24, 30, and 48″ extensions all of which are compatible.

It is important to consider the maximum payload, as adding an extension decreases the capable payload of the light boom (think of it as sliding further back on a see-saw).

You may have to adjust the rear counterweight placement with the added extension (though this is easy thanks to the tool-free design of the light boom).



Chimera has padded duffels, perfect for protecting your light boom in between shoots.

The Standard Light Boom fits inside our Padded Duffel #3950, with the rear section and front extension removed.

The Compact Light Boom fist inside our Padded Duffel #3920, with the front extension removed.

These duffels are available online at ChimeraLighting.com/Shop in the Replacement Parts section, under “Storage Sacks and Duffels.”


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