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If your Chimera gear sees heavy use, sometimes a screw, nut, or bolt may come loose and we totally understand! A wide range of replacement parts can be found on the replacement parts of our website linked below.


However if you’re not sure of the part number or what to order, feel free to contact us directly! You an reach us via email at info@chimeralighting.com, or 9AM-5PM Mountain Standard Time Monday through Friday at 303.444.8000. Our team of experts can help you identify the right parts to get you back up and running!

Sorry to hear that your speed ring broke. It is a rare occurrence but it can happen.
Please send us a photo of the break. 

The Best Products in the Business Have the Best Warranties in the Business.

At Chimera, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the lighting solutions they need, and the high quality they demand. We also provide you with the best warranty coverage in the industry.

Our Lightbanks, Speed Rings and Light Control Accessories come with a limited 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship and color stability.
If our products are not fully operational out of the box or if they fail to perform within the product’s specified length of time* from the date of purchase, return it for repair or replacement at no charge.
Our warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accidents, improper care or use, or the natural deterioration of materials over an extended period of abnormal use.
Our Return Policy is simple, fair and sensible.

All returns must have a Return Authorization number and be accompanied by a copy of the original packing slip or invoice.
Call 888-444-1812, ext. 109 for a Return Authorization Number.
Goods returned within 30 days from date of delivery will not be subject to a restocking charge, provided they are in new condition.
Goods returned after 30 days but within 180 days are subject to a 25% restocking charge.
No goods will be accepted for return after 180 days.
Fabric and custom products can’t be returned.
*Lightbanks, Lanterns, Speed Rings, Support, and Grip – Five-Year Warranty

*Lights – #9830, Birdcage™, and Triolet™– One-Year Warranty

NOTE: Rental Houses receive a limited 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship and color stability.

Chimera makes it easy to order the replacement parts you need. If you need a replacement part or additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Chimera stands by our products, we have replacement parts available for the majority of our products. Please call 888-444-1812 and our support team will be more than happen to assist you. You can also browse the accessories tab on our website and navigate to parts.

You can get the Rod replacement at our Shop

That replacement part # is 20902000. You can get that directly from us. Do you need any replacement screws or washers?

Contact us Here

The part you are looking for is #4016.  http://chimeralighting.com/shop/?item=34804

They are available off of our website.

Replacement storage sacks are available online in the replacement parts section of our website.

Simply navigate to the lightbank you have and two options will be displayed. A standard sack is the same as included in most of our strobe products, with a single main pocket. Plus sacks are included with Chimera’s Plus 3 lightbanks that ship with a set of Full, 1/2, and 1/4 Grid Diffusion. Plus sacks feature an additional rear pocket on the back of the lightbank for storage of the different front screens.

Older lightbanks may feature a “slip cover” style storage sack made out of a black shiny material with a single string for closure instead of zippers. This style has been discontinued, and we recommend upgrading to a curent storage sack.

Chimera also offers replacement storage sacks for Lighttools Fabric Grids. For more information, contact us directly at 303.444.8000 or anytime at info@chimeralighting.com

It sounds like your softbox is delaminating.  If it is 5 years old or younger it is covered under warranty.

If it is older than that, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to repair it.

Originally, Chimera Lightbanks were produced with the front-screen sewn in. In the mid-90’s we made the jump to removable front-screens, offering users the option of interchangeable diffusion densities.

Banks with sewn-in screens can be upgraded to accept interchangeable screens as well honeycomb grids, and collapsible fabric grids.

If you have a sewn-in front screen lightbank, simply contact us for a Return Authorization Number at info@chimeralighting.com or 8AM-5PM Mountain Standard Time, 1-888-444-1812.

Many of our lightbanks feature compatibility with two different lengths of support poles to match two primary different size of rings. This affects our strobe lightbanks (Super Pro, Pro II, Mini, Maxi) and Video Pro line in order to provide you with the most flexibility.

All Super Pro X, Super Pro Plus Shallow, and Pro II lightbanks ship with poles that are designed to fit the majority of our studio strobe and Versi hot shoe speed rings. Two mounts however, require slightly shorter poles. Elinchrom (part numbers 2170, 2170AL, 2170OP, 2170QR) and the older discontinued Hensel Contra (2186, 2186OP, 2186AL, 2186QRr) speed rings require short poles. Note that the 2186 speed rings have been replaced by the newer 2188, which do not require shorter poles.

Consequently, if you wanted to use the combination of a Video Pro lightbank and a strobe speed ring – alternate poles can be ordered to ensure a proper fit.

Yes, We can replace the corners for you.  If you’d like to send your box in for repair I can give you an RA# to reference.

The cost is $65.00 per Lightbank to repair.

Cleaning your Chimera Lightbank.

It’s easy to clean your Chimera Lightbank and extend its life. Just hand wash with cold water, a sponge and mild soap, then rinse thoroughly. Do not machine wash. To dry, assemble the Lightbank onto a Speed Ring and completely air dry.

If your front screen gets soiled, erect the Lightbank and, using a natural sponge, gently scrub the soiled areas with a mild solution of soap and water. Let air dry completely. Don’t use abrasive soaps or wash in a washing machine.

Need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

The fabric body and screens can be spot-cleaned with cold water, a soft sponge, and mild soap, such as Dreft or Woollite. Thoroughly rinse and allow to air dry. We’ve found its easier to clean and dry the lightbank when fully set up and assembled. Hot water, solvents, or strong detergents are likely to cause damage to the fabric and heat-resistant coating used on Chimera products. If there is an oily stain on the screen material, a small amount of corn starch or baking soda combined with a soft bristled brush can help decrease the stain (though it may still be partially visible.).

Machine-washing or commercial dry cleaning is not recommended.

Many of Chimera’s strobe and continuous speed rings can be converted to different diameters or mounts. That means if you buy a Chimera speed ring with one style mount and end up needing a ring for a different light, in most cases you just swap the mount!

On the majority of Chimera’s current strobe speed rings, you can swap the insert of the speed ring to support a different style strobe.

For most Video Pro rings for lights under 2,000W, the inserts can also be swapped should you need to go from dedicated to circular, or one diameter to another.

An important consideration though is that it does require 8-10 hex-cap screws and a specific set of washers to be detached and re-attached, something we do not recommend doing if you need to swap rings quickly or on the fly (in that case owning multiple speed rings is ideal).


At Chimera, we know how important it is for you to be able to set up, use and break down your equipment quickly and easily—whether you’re in the studio or on location. That’s why we’ve designed our complete line of Chimera products and accessories with simplicity in mind.


Insert the Poles into Sleeves. Match the size of the end of the poles to the holes in the pole blocks of your Speed Ring. Then insert the opposite end of each pole into the pole sleeve openings at the rear of each corner of your Lightbank. Grasp the pole sleeve to keep it straight as you slide the pole fully through the sleeve to the end. Note: Some poles have identical sized ends so it does not matter which end of the pole goes into the sleeve. Other poles have different sized ends and it is important to match them for size to the Speed Ring pole block holes.

Insert the Optional Diffusion Baffle Inside the Lightbank. Attach the diffusion baffle to the Velcro™ tabs located next to the pole sleeves inside the Lightbank a few inches from the front opening. Tabs will align properly if CHIMERA label on baffle is facing the front of the Lightbank.

Mount the Lightbank on Speed Ring. Determine which direction the Lightbank will be oriented, horizontally or vertically, in relation to the light fixture, subject, etc., (Rotating Rings may be mounted either way of course). If you are using a patented CHIMERA Quick Release™ ring, make sure the pole blocks are in the locked position.Begin with the poles at the top for the top of the ring. Insert the poles, one at a time, into the holes at the corners of the Speed Ring. Make sure the poles are fully inserted into the holes. Poles will become increasingly stiff as you move from one pole to the next. Flex poles as necessary so they slip into holes easier. Gripping the pole diagonally opposite from the pole you are inserting will provide extra leverage.

Installing Front Screen (“PLUS” and “PLUS ONE” BANKS ONLY). Make sure the, CHIMERA label is facing towards the front of the Lightbank. Attach the screen to the Lightbank by aligning the back edge of the Velcro® hook strip on the front screen with the back edge of the Velcro® loop strip on the Lightbank. When installed properly, part of the Lightbank’s loop strip is visible in the Lightbank’s recess, just to the front of the front screen.


Cooling. Provide adequate ventilation for your equipment. Use the lighting instrument’s internal cooling fan if available. When using continuous light sources, keep the top flap open as much as possible. Use upper and lower vents to cool Quartz and Daylight Banks. Always allow the Lightbank to cool before disassembling and placing in storage.

Removing the Lightbank from the Speed Ring. If the light is mounted on light stand, start with bottom poles, otherwise, start with any pole. Bend pole slightly towards the rear of the Lightbank to make it easier to slide the pole end out of the hole. Align the pole end with the hole axis and slide pole out using thumb pressure against Speed Ring. Gripping the pole diagonally opposite the pole you are removing will provide extra leverage. If you are using a patented CHIMERA Quick Release™ ring, simply release the locking levers to release to poles tension and then slide the poles from the mounting holes.

Folding and Storage. Leave the poles in Lightbank but remove the optional diffusion baffle and front screen. Crease the short sides of the Lightbank and flatten. Fold the Light bank in half once then roll up and slide into the storage sack. Never store a damp or wet Lightbank.

From time to time our amazing customer service team does hear about the white fabric front screen or inner baffle yellowing.

Because of the build quality and durability of our products, the working service life of a Chimera is significantly longer than other gear, like cameras or computers! And like paper, the fabrics can shift in color with age.

Other factors, like environment and exposure can be a cause too. Storing the screens near or around smoke can advance the yellowing, as well as long term storage in high humidity or heat. Extreme exposure to UV light (such as an unfiltered HMI bulb) can advance yellowing too.

If the situation comes up that you need to replace a front screen or baffle, they can easily be ordered through our network of dealers, from our web store, or over the phone at 303.444.8000 from 9AM to 5PM Mountain Standard Time. If your bank features a sewn in screen, such as with the Pro II Super Pro (non-Plus) lightbanks, our expert team of technicians are happy to repair them! Give us a shout at 303.444.8000 or info@chimeralighting.com

The Super Pro X lightbanks can be used with optional front screens in 1/2 Grid Diffusion and 1/4 Grid Diffusion. By default, inner baffles are only available in Full Diffusion (-1.4 stops), though custom options may be available by contacting us at info@chimeralighting.com.

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