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Yes! The only difference is the material. The continuous light version is designed to withstand higher temperatures but will work perfectly with strobe as well. However, you should not use hot lights with the strobe version as that could cause a hazardous situation.

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The RingMAXX features four adjustable mounting points to accommodate a wide range of fixtures. We’ve tested a broad variety of the most popular studio flash heads as well as monolights to fit the RingMAXX. Thanks to the durable aluminum frame of the RingMAXX, even heavy 1000W/S monolights will mount safely.

On the high-heat RingMAXX any combination of fixtures up to 4,000W continuous can be used, be it Tungsten, HMI, LED, or Plasma.

On all RinMAXX setups, the best possible light output is achieved when using fixtures with a bare bulb, fully exposed flash tube, or “bug light” design where the bulb or flash tube is able to output omnidirectional light.

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When it comes to light quality, RingMAXX offers superior lighting choices from hard-light to soft lighting situations that no other ring light is capable of producing. The removable front diffuser allows you to create harsh lighting situations for today’s fashion looks to soft portraits or any lighting scenarios imaginable by adding the diffuser. The RingMAXX prototype originally used eight lights. After extensive testing we came to the conclusion that only four lights were needed for the ultimate RingMAXX performance, allowing the desired non-directional lighting results where RingMAXX’s magic comes alive.

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The light from each fixture illuminates the screen directly; there is no internal baffle needed. The RingMAXX is designed to work with 4 light heads but can be operated with an uneven lighting pattern as well. RingMAXX is designed to work with 4 independent light heads that can be individually adjusted for your desired look (usage of a minimum of two lights is recommended for sufficient non- directional lighting effects). The best lights to use with RingMAXX (and this is true for all softboxes) are a “hot spot” on the diffusion screen. The RingMAXX does come with internal dividers (flood gates) that contain the light in each of the four sections for ultimate light control for directional and non-directional lighting styles.

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There are two options for mounting the RingMAXX to a light stand. The RingMAXX includes two 5/8″ Baby mounting pins that attach to the sides of the RingMAXX frame and interface with standard 2.5″ Grip Heads (not included). Using these two mounting points, you can attach the RingMAXX to a pair of stands. We’ve used standard 20 and 40 inch C-stands as well as steel combo stands with success.

For increased simplicity, Chimera offers an optional yoke for the RingMAXX. Built from durable aluminum, the yoke attaches to the sides of the RingMAXX and provides a single Junior pin mounting point, as well as the ability to easily tilt the RingMAXX. When using the yoke, we recommend low-height rolling stands with a wide footprint such as the American Grip Low-Boy Combo or Matthews Slider Stand. Becase of the 48″ diameter of the RingMAXX, mounting to a standard height stand can often position the RingMAXX too high.

For either stand configuration, it is important to select a grip capable of safely supporting the weight of the RingMAXX as well as the lighting fixtures you select. While the yoke is safely engineered to support the RingMAXX as well as four 800W HMIs or 1000w/s monolights, the stand(s) are dependent on manufacturer specifications.

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Yes! Here is the list of places where you can rent one.

CSI Rentals in New York
Fotocare in New York
Dodd in Cleveland
Samy’s in Los Angeles

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We do not recommend using continuous lights with a combined output greater than 1,000W in the RingMAXX for strobe. While we have engineered the fabric body to support the modeling typical 300-500W modeling light of the strobe, opening the side heat flaps of the RingMAXX is necessary to not only avoid damage to the fabric body, but also to maintain efficient cooling of your lights as well.

If you are looking to use the RingMAXX with tungsten or HMI lights, the RingMAXX Hi Heat is recommended, which is also compatible with strobes too.

Should you own a RingMAXX for strobe already and are looking to use tungsten or HMI lights, we can upgrade the fabric in order to offer safe operation with high heat lights. Contact us at info@chimeralighting.com or 303.444.8000 Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM MST for more information.

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The mounting system is adjustable and fits most lights that are designed to fit on a standard 5/8″ light stand. It should fit most lights that are 14″ tall or less.The L7 (which is an LED, not an HMI) might be a little too large. However, a Fresnel is probably not the best light to use in the RingMAXX.

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