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QVP Adapter rods allow you to attach any of Chimera’s Quartz lightbanks onto a Video Pro Speed Ring. Below are a few cases where you might reach for them!

Double Duty: QVP adapter rods would allow you to attach the same lightbank to two different lights, should your needs change. For instance, a Quartz Medium and 2,000W open face is a great combination, but should you need to use a 750W open face, QVP adapter rods would allow you to use the same lightbank.

Size vs. Wattage: The Video Pro lightbanks were designed for smaller continuous fixtures. In some cases, smaller fixtures are capable of exceeding the recommended wattage of a Video Pro lightbank. For example, if you wanted to use a 1600W Joker Bug HMI in a Small (24×32″) lightbank, the associated Video Pro Small is not recommended due to its 1,000W maximum wattage. QVP Adapter Rods would allow you to mount a Small Quartz Lightbank, retaining the same 24×32″ light aperture, without posing a fire or damage risk.

The original daylight balanced HMI fixtures Chimera designed lightbanks for were often narrow beam Pars and Fresnels and required a deeper bank for even illumination. While tungsten broads and open faces were suitable for the Video Pro and Quartz banks, we made the deeper lightbanks for the daylight balanced lights initially. As technology progressed the light fixtures evolved, but the naming stuck.)

Video Pro lightbanks are designed for continuous lighting fixtures with a broad or open face design. A wide variety of speed rings are available, either in a dedicated mount for specific fixtures, or circular mount to fit in the barndoor / accessory ears of many lighting fixtures

The Video Pro Plus 2K Medium was created in response to a large number of Video Pro lightbank owners looking to use their lightbank on a 2,000W continuous source. The Video Pro 2K Medium features a shorter set of poles that allows you to mount the lightbank to a Quartz/Daylite speed ring in the Quartz pole sockets.

While the Video Pro Medium is rated for a maximum recommended wattage of 1200W, a 2000W flood or open face fixture can be used with all four rear flaps open and careful monitoring of the lightbank. Specifically open face or flood fixtures are required as they produce a more evenly dispersed head output. Use of a 2,000W fresnel with its tightly focused beam pattern, may damage the lightbank or diffusion screens.

Critically, the Video Pro Plus 2K Medium MUST be operated with the rear flaps open. Failure to do so may result in burning or damage to the fabric body of the lightbank.

Conversely, the Video Pro Plus 2K Medim can be used with standard Video Pro Rings by way of swapping out for a standard set of support poles, available from the Replacement Parts section of our website, linked below.


The recommended maximum wattage of a fixture in a Video Pro lightbank depends on the size of the bank and the fixture being used. These are the recommended maximums based on size and tungsten/halogen bulbs:

Video Pro Plus Lightbanks
XXS: 500W
XS: 750W
Small: 1000W
Medium: 1200W
Large: 1200W

Video Pro Strips:
Small Strip: 750W
Medium Strip: 1200W
Large Strip: 1200W

Video Pro Shallow:
Small Shallow: 750W
Medium Shallow: 1200W
Large Shallow: 1200W

The Shallow lightbanks offer a slimmer profile than standard lightbanks, perfect for when space is critical. However, because of the decreased depth, certain lights may not produce the perfectly even light across the front screen.

We highly recommend using lights with an exposed bulb or flash tube, such as a Chimera Triolet with shallow banks, as opposed lights where the bulb is recessed (i.e. traditional Par or Fresnel lights).

Video Pro lightbanks are suited for fixtures up to 1200-2000 watts, while Quartz lightbanks are suited for fixtures from 2000W-12000W. Video Pro lightbanks can be used with Video Pro sized speed rings, or Quartz speed rings setup with the QVP Adapter Poles (Part #4099).

Daylite lightbanks have a deeper design to support Fresnel and other narrower beam fixtures. Daylite Junior lightbanks are the deeper “cousins” of Video Pro lightbanks while Daylite Standard and Senior lightbanks are the deeper versions of Quartz lightbanks.

We do make one for the Arri M18.  You will need speed ring # 9305 and then you can use the Quartz Small #8425 or Medium #8435 with that.

Existing Video Pro lightbanks can be used with LEDs that support a compatible Chimera Speed Ring. Many LED Fresnels as well as a few others, such as the Fiilex P-Series and Kinotehnik Practilite 402, utilize a Chimera Speed Ring.

Depending on the associated ring, an existing Video Pro may fit. We’d recommend adding a 1/8 Grid Inner Baffle and 1/8 Grid Front Screen to the kit, as these are less dense than the standard Full, 1/2, or 1/4 Grid diffusion materials included with Video Pro lightbanks.

Yes! For increased cross compatibility, Quartz lightbanks can be adapter to fit Chimera’s Video Pro speed rings, using our QVP Adapter rods (http://chimeralighting.com/sho…..etof4-4099).

These rods attach onto the end of the standard support pole on a Quartz Small, Medium, or Large lightbank, and extend the pole length to fit our Video Pro series speed rings.

Because of the increased size and weight of a Quartz bank, caution should be exercised when using smaller fixtures. An alternative, would be to combine the ring with a grip head adapter, to prevent the weight of the lightbank from damaging the light.


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