8 million views on Ignjat’s Toda La Noche music video, with the Panel Lantern

In production you always work with various parties and have to deal with loads of different opinions.  It is challenging to stick to your vision because you need to adapt to the clients’ wishes. However collaborating with clients is a big and essential part of every assignment.

Artists, singers & models that breathe the same creative energy are always open to suggestions and thinking outside the box. It’s their managements who find it harder to look beyond, who want to play it safe and want things done their way.  For me this is an extra challenge in my work, bringing my vision across to involve others and help them see beyond. Sharing ideas with storyboards, mood boards and existing examples for inspiration, helps me to broaden everyone’s horizon and come to a final plan.

This music video production was no exception to ever changing plans, short deadlines, and artists arriving late on set. Storyline, locations, models where all discussed and agreed upon by all parties. However still altered along the way. Whilst always staying agile and able to adapt it does cost loads of energy and precious time. Input and changes for the better are more than welcome, so together we reach the best possible outcome. My main priority is delivering outstanding work and not only making the artists happy but also their management and everybody involved. Even if that means my initial vision has to be altered into a product which, from a directors point of view, I don’t fully agree.

My flexibility on set was absolutely vital and strengthened by the Chimera Panel Lantern powered by LiteGear, which had arrived just in time for our production. It is a very soft, powerful light and easily adjustable to the mood you need on set. It made our lives very easy, as it is agile, which enabled us to change from set to set. The Panel Lantern has the same characteristics as very hot lights but there is no heat at all and is lightweight, making transport to other locations very quick. No loss of precious time due to cooling down the panel lantern. We used it as an overhead light and we barely needed other light support. We also noticed that the dimmer is flicker free, keeping the light very clean. Making this light a must-have addition to our lighting equipment.

In the director’s out take, I used the power of lighting and especially colouring during post production. When the guy is alone the colouring is very cold and blue. When he first sees his dream girl, there is a transition in mood and colouring, also when he is together with her, as we added more warmth and red tones. Strengthening the dreamy mood.

“In the director’s out take, I used the power of lighting and especially colouring during post production. ”

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