Barn Door – Short Side – Pair – 24″ (61.0 cm) – Small


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Barn Doors are a convenient way to control spill light. They attach quickly to the sides of your Lightbank. Sold in pairs. Chimera Fabric Barn Doors are a quick and convenient way to control light spill and prevent unwanted flare. Fabric Barn Doors attach to the side velcro on Super Pro, Video Pro, Daylite, Daylite Jr, Daylite Sr, and Quartz lightbanks; and can be shaped with the internal flexible metal stiffeners. These stiffeners are designed for repeated use and retain their flexibility over time.


  • Quick and simple control of light from the front of a lightbank
  • Attaches to hook & loop on most Small Chimera Lightbanks
  • Rolls up for compact Storage


  • Small Barndoor pair - short side
  • Fabric Storage sack