F2X Overhead Lightbank 5′ X 15′ (1.52 M X 4.63 M)

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Chimera’s Iconic F2 and F2x lightbanks offer extremely soft light on a massive scale. Designed for large overhead lighting, the F2X is constructed of durable aircraft-grade aluminum tubes, and is designed to break down for transport. With color-coded connections, the frame assembly is completely tool-free. The fabric body suspends on the frame with secure hook-and-loop fasteners. The sides and top of the F2X are clad with a silver interior and matte black exterior, while the bottom surface is a Full Diffusion (-1.4 stops). A suspendable inner baffle is also included to ensure even light dispersion. We recommend bare-bulb or fixtures with fully exposed bulbs, that mount on the F2X’s multiple 5/8″ Baby Mounting Points. Four exposed tube ends in the four corners of the frame accommodate a number of rigging options, either suspended from above or four stands from below.

Not available for purchase online, please contact us directly at info@chimeralighting.com


  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum frame with detachable fabric body
  • Assembles without tools
  • Can be suspended from ceiling or supported with light stands
  • Multiple 5/8" Baby mounting points for multiple fixtures


  • F2X 5x15 Frame
  • 5x15 Outer Body
  • 5x15 Inner Baffle
  • 60" Storage Duffle


  • Number of fixture mounting points: 3
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 5x15x3 feet / 1.5x4.5x1 meters
  • Weight (without lights) 112 lbs / 51 kg
  • Collapsed Length: 60 in / 153 cm