Lighttools®Fabric Grid 40 Degree for CL120/S120 POP bank


Item: 3549EZ-40-40

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Lighttools® ez[POP]® Soft Egg Crates® Fabric Grids deliver the greatest range and control of soft light. The collapsible, lightweight Soft Egg Crates® are manufactured in North America by skilled technicians using superior-quality fabric that is exclusive to Lighttools.

Lighttools ez[POP]® Soft Egg Crates® easy setup with a built-in tensioning which keeps the Soft Egg Crate taut, with no sag, and in perfect formation regardless of your hanging angle. Lighttools Soft Egg Crate Fabric Grids keep soft light on your subject without spilling light onto other areas of the shot.


  • Create separation and depth
  • Eliminate spill and flare
  • Durable construction for long life
  • Folds compact for easy Storage and travel


  • ez[POP]® Soft Egg Crate®
  • Drawstring Storage Sack