Lighttools® Fabric Grid – 40 Degree – Small Strip ez[POP]®


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Lighttools® ez[POP]® Soft Egg Crates® Fabric Grids deliver the greatest range and control of soft light. The collapsible, lightweight Soft Egg Crates® are manufactured in North America by skilled technicians using superior-quality fabric that is exclusive to Lighttools®.

Lighttools® ez[POP]® Soft Egg Crates® easy setup with a built-in tensioning which keeps the Soft Egg Crate taut, with no sag, and in perfect formation regardless of your hanging angle. Lighttools Soft Egg Crate® Fabric Grids keep soft light on your subject without spilling light onto other areas of the shot.

ez[POP]®, and Soft Egg Crates® are trademarks solely owned by Lighttools®