Lantern Kit For Fluolight CL 60 and Litepanels Gemini 1X2 LED Fixtures


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The Chimera Lantern kit for Fluolight CL 60 and Litepanels Gemini uses a frame to mount in the fixture accessory holder and expands to privide briallinat onmidirection soft light. The kit includes a skirt for each side, which can be rolled up and down to control spill. The kit packs into a zippered duffel.


  • Spherical design for omnidirectional light
  • Includes adjustable skirts to control light direction
  • Handcrafted in Colorado, USA with proprietary textiles


  • Lantern body
  • Lantern Pole set
  • 4 Skirt set
  • Storgae sack


  • 28”x 35” x 22-1/2” tall (711mm x 889mm x 572mm). The kit includes 27-1/2” (698 mm) skirts