Two New Adapters from Chimera Lighting Turns the Jr. and Sr. Space Lights into a Key Light

Boulder, June 2016 -Thanks to Chimera Lighting’s continuing innovation, the company has announced the first ever adapter that allows lightbanks to be used with space lights. This effective and efficient system of pairing space lights with lightbanks now provides cinematographers and lighting professionals with an option previously unavailable—the ability to use a space light as a key light.

The adapter is available in two sizes, one that fits small space lights, which measure about 20 inches in diameter and one specifically designed to fit the larger style space lights, with a diameter of about 31 inches. Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, these adapters are designed to last and resist corrosion.

The bracketed mount is specifically designed to optimize the beam angle of both the JR. and SR. fixtures respectively.

In addition to this unique adapter, Chimera Light has announced two new lightbanks. Both the 3 foot  (6230) and 5 foot (6255) OctaSpace lightbanks work with the junior space lights while the 5 foot OctaSpace (6256) and Daylite Senior Low-Heat (8744LH) is compatible with standard sized fixtures. An advanced internal coating intensifies the light’s output strength while the specially designed baffle ensures even distribution of light.

Key Features

  • Fits JR and SR model of Space lights.
  • Ability to use Space Lights as a Key
  • Legacy compatible
  • Constructed of 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • Specially designed 3′ and 5′ OctaSpace Lightbanks
  • Specially designed baffles for even distribution with maximum output
  • Banks are optimized for the fixtures beam angle

Supported Fixtures

Space Bracket Junior

  • Sumolight Sumospace
  • Olessen-SSL Reel-Lite Mini

Space Bracket Senior

  • Olessen-SSL Reel-Lite
  • Mole-Richardson 900W Vari-Space