There is no grid for this since the screen is a flush front.

A wide variety of accessories for lightbanks are available. The following lightbank series’ accept the below accessories:
Super Pro X
Super Pro Plus
Super Pro Plus Strip
Super Pro Plus Shallow

Video Pro Plus
Video Pro Plus Strip
Video Pro Plus Shallow

Quartz Plus
Daylite Junior Plus
Daylite Standard Plus
Daylite Senior Plus

Fabric Grids – Attach to the front velcro of the lightbank that and control light spill measured in degrees from the front of the lightbank. These grids are collapsible and fold into a small lightweight (included) bag.

ez[POP] Fabric Grids – Similar to the collapsible fabric grids, however a flexible metal frame allows the grid to still collapse down, but most importantly – adds rigidity and shape to the lightbank.

Honeycomb Metal Grids – These metal grids offer more precise lighting control. Made out of machined aluminum with a honeycomb metal grid in 30, 60, or 90 degree beam spreads, the metal grids attach to the front velcro and precisely prevent light spill without affecting the softness or color temperature of the light. They are shipped in a wooden shipping case for travel and protection.

Stretch Frames – These collapsible frames are constructed out of lightweight aluminum poles and velcro into the front of the lightbank to add shape and rigidy without altering the quality of light. Especially useful on larger lightbanks.

Fabric Barn Doors – The simplest option for controlling the light, these fabric panels velcro onto the sides of the lightbank front, and come in a pair for either the short or long side of the bank. Flexible metal ribs are sewn into the fabric so you shape the barndoor and cut the light as needed.

Chimera’s metal honeycomb grids and Lighttools Fabric Grids are described in degrees. These degrees are roughly the angle of spread from the front of the lightbank they are installed on, though the light used and size of the lightbank will cause results to vary.

Smaller degree numbers are more narrow beam angles, meaning that the spread of the light is tighter and over a smaller area.

Larger degree numbers are wider beam angles with physically larger cells, these offer more spread of the light from the lightbank, meaning that the spread is larger.

A 20-degree grid will confine the light output to a more narrow beam, and 60-degree grid, will produce a wider beam.

Another consideration is that adding a grid to the lightbank also reduces output. Narrower beam angles, which have smaller cells will reduce more light than wider beam angles.

Often times you may want to control where the light falls on a scene without changing the position or aiming of the lightbank. Chimera offers a diverse lineup of products to do exactly that.

Metal Honeycomb grids – Rigid aluminum grids constructed from matte black aluminum cells, attach to the front velcro and offer precise control of the light spread, in 30, 60, and 90-degree beam angles.

Lighttools® Egg Crate Fabric Grids – The most common, collapsible fabric body with individual “cells” or egg crates that control the beam angle. Folds down to a very compact size for travel, available on 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 20×60, and 30×50 degree beam angles.

Fabric Barn Doors: Attaches to the sides of the lightbank, and features three internal aluminum stiffeners that bend and hold shape. The quickest manner of controlling beam spread

The 20×60 and 30×50 Lighttools Egg Crate Fabric Grids offer a unique light control tool. By shaping the cells asymmetrically, the controlled beam angle is more rectangular rather than square.

The shape of the rectangular cell is in line with the shape of the lightbank, For instance, with a 20×60-degree grid on a Small (24×32”) lightbank, the beam angle is 20 degrees along the shorter 24” side of the lightbank, and 60 degrees on the longer 32” side.

The asymmetric fabric grids are a great accessory for Chimera Strip lightbanks. They help emphasize the long narrow light output of the strip shape, providing an even more controlled light.

20×60 fabric grids are available for XS, Small, Medium, and all strip lightbanks, while 30×50 degree fabric grids are available only for strip lightbanks.

While the right grid is dependent on the application, we can offer up our most often selected grids.

As a whole, 40 degree grids are the most popular choice, offering a balance between controlling light spill and maintaining a good level of light output. These offer the ability to prevent unwanted light soill with a healthy area of coverage.

Many of our rental customers include a 60 degree grid in addition to a 40 degree as part of their rental kits. This provides the widest beam angle, but maintains a good level of control over the coverage area. We also see many rental kits including both a 30º and 60º grid as well.

Fabric Barn Doors offer quick and simple of the light coverage by flexing to flag or block part of the lightbank front. With three flexible metal stiffeners, you can very easily shape the barn door to your needs.

Fabric Barn Doors attach to the velcro on the outer sides of the lightbank, and can be adjusted fore/aft by placing the fabric barn door further down the long velcro strip.

Fabric barn doors offer you the ability of selectively flagging the sides of the lightbank, meaning that you can control spill on one, two, three, or all four sides of the lightbank.

Available for the short or long side of the lightbank, fabric barn doors are sold in pairs and include a soft storage bag.

Lighttools ez[POP] fabric grids are an evolution of the industry standard egg crate fabric grid. They feature a flexible internal aluminum structure, similar to the popular “snap” bracelets of the 90’s. The internal structure ensures that the cells of the grid are taught and do not sag or cause a “belly,” sometimes noticeable on larger lightbanks.

Another benefit of an ez[POP] grid is the addition of shape and structure to the lightbank. Where larger (and older) lightbanks can exhibit a degree of sagging, adding an ez[POP] grid gives precise shape to the front of the lightbank, resulting in increased efficiency and easier aiming of the bank.

ez[POP] grids are available in a 40-degree beam angles for Chimera Small, Medium and Large rectangular banks, as well as Small, Medium, and Large Strips.

Fabric barn doors can be attached to any Chimera lightbank with the exterior accessory velcro. These are the iconic three strips of velcro along the front of lightbank sides. Compatible lightbanks include:

Super Pro X
Super Pro Shallow
Super Pro Strip
Super Pro Plus (Discontinued)
Pro Bank (Discontinued)

Video Pro Plus
Video Pro Shallow
Video Pro Strip
Video Pro Low Heat
Video Pro (Discontinued)

Daylite Junior
Daylite Junior Low Heat

Quartz Standard
Quartz Low Heat
Quartz (Sewn-in front screen, discontinued)

Daylite Standard
Daylite Senior

Chimera offers two styles of grids, rigid metal honeycomb and Lighttools® Fabric Egg Crate grids.

Fabric grids collapse down to a very compact size, folding up to fit in a small fabric pouch. To attach to the lightbank, simply unfold and attach to the front velcro of the lightbank where the front screen sits. Fabric grids are offered in 20, 30, 40, 50 60, 20×60, and 30×50 degree beam angles.

Metal honeycomb grids are a rigid design with a solid aluminum frame and metal honeycomb cells. Compared to fabric grids, they are thinner in depth and offer a sharper edge of cutoff to the light than fabric grids. They also attach via the front velcro of the lightbank, and are available in30, 60, and 90 degree beam angles.

Fabric grids are available for nearly every lightbank Chimera produces with a removable front screen, from XXS to Large, and all three sizes of strips.

Metal honeycomb grids are available only for XS, Small, and Medium lightbanks, due to size constraints of production and shipping.

To protect the grid, metal honeycombs include a durable wooden transport case for shipping, which is available across most carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL) on all levels of trains time.