The Super Pro X lightbanks can be used with optional front screens in 1/2 Grid Diffusion and 1/4 Grid Diffusion. By default, inner baffles are only available in Full Diffusion (-1.4 stops), though custom options may be available by contacting us at

From time to time our amazing customer service team does hear about the white fabric front screen or inner baffle yellowing.

Because of the build quality and durability of our products, the working service life of a Chimera is significantly longer than other gear, like cameras or computers! And like paper, the fabrics can shift in color with age.

Other factors, like environment and exposure can be a cause too. Storing the screens near or around smoke can advance the yellowing, as well as long term storage in high humidity or heat. Extreme exposure to UV light (such as an unfiltered HMI bulb) can advance yellowing too.

If the situation comes up that you need to replace a front screen or baffle, they can easily be ordered through our network of dealers, from our web store, or over the phone at 303.444.8000 from 9AM to 5PM Mountain Standard Time. If your bank features a sewn in screen, such as with the Pro II Super Pro (non-Plus) lightbanks, our expert team of technicians are happy to repair them! Give us a shout at 303.444.8000 or

Many of our lightbanks feature compatibility with two different lengths of support poles to match two primary different size of rings. This affects our strobe lightbanks (Super Pro, Pro II, Mini, Maxi) and Video Pro line in order to provide you with the most flexibility.

All Super Pro X, Super Pro Plus Shallow, and Pro II lightbanks ship with poles that are designed to fit the majority of our studio strobe and Versi hot shoe speed rings. Two mounts however, require slightly shorter poles. Elinchrom (part numbers 2170, 2170AL, 2170OP, 2170QR) and the older discontinued Hensel Contra (2186, 2186OP, 2186AL, 2186QRr) speed rings require short poles. Note that the 2186 speed rings have been replaced by the newer 2188, which do not require shorter poles.

Consequently, if you wanted to use the combination of a Video Pro lightbank and a strobe speed ring – alternate poles can be ordered to ensure a proper fit.

The fabric body and screens can be spot-cleaned with cold water, a soft sponge, and mild soap, such as Dreft or Woollite. Thoroughly rinse and allow to air dry. We’ve found its easier to clean and dry the lightbank when fully set up and assembled. Hot water, solvents, or strong detergents are likely to cause damage to the fabric and heat-resistant coating used on Chimera products. If there is an oily stain on the screen material, a small amount of corn starch or baking soda combined with a soft bristled brush can help decrease the stain (though it may still be partially visible.).

Machine-washing or commercial dry cleaning is not recommended.

Originally, Chimera Lightbanks were produced with the front-screen sewn in. In the mid-90’s we made the jump to removable front-screens, offering users the option of interchangeable diffusion densities.

Banks with sewn-in screens can be upgraded to accept interchangeable screens as well honeycomb grids, and collapsible fabric grids.

If you have a sewn-in front screen lightbank, simply contact us for a Return Authorization Number at or 8AM-5PM Mountain Standard Time, 1-888-444-1812.

If your Chimera gear sees heavy use, sometimes a screw, nut, or bolt may come loose and we totally understand! A wide range of replacement parts can be found on the replacement parts of our website linked below.…..SpeedRings

However if you’re not sure of the part number or what to order, feel free to contact us directly! You an reach us via email at, or 9AM-5PM Mountain Standard Time Monday through Friday at 303.444.8000. Our team of experts can help you identify the right parts to get you back up and running!

Many of Chimera’s strobe and continuous speed rings can be converted to different diameters or mounts. That means if you buy a Chimera speed ring with one style mount and end up needing a ring for a different light, in most cases you just swap the mount!

On the majority of Chimera’s current strobe speed rings, you can swap the insert of the speed ring to support a different style strobe.

For most Video Pro rings for lights under 2,000W, the inserts can also be swapped should you need to go from dedicated to circular, or one diameter to another.

An important consideration though is that it does require 8-10 hex-cap screws and a specific set of washers to be detached and re-attached, something we do not recommend doing if you need to swap rings quickly or on the fly (in that case owning multiple speed rings is ideal).

Replacement storage sacks are available online in the replacement parts section of our website.

Simply navigate to the lightbank you have and two options will be displayed. A standard sack is the same as included in most of our strobe products, with a single main pocket. Plus sacks are included with Chimera’s Plus 3 lightbanks that ship with a set of Full, 1/2, and 1/4 Grid Diffusion. Plus sacks feature an additional rear pocket on the back of the lightbank for storage of the different front screens.

Older lightbanks may feature a “slip cover” style storage sack made out of a black shiny material with a single string for closure instead of zippers. This style has been discontinued, and we recommend upgrading to a curent storage sack.

Chimera also offers replacement storage sacks for Lighttools Fabric Grids. For more information, contact us directly at 303.444.8000 or anytime at