Silver interior lightbanks offer increased efficiency with higher specularity, while the white interior offers maximum soft and even light.

Pro X Lightbanks feature recessed front screen that is removable, while Pro II lightbanks have a flush, sewn-in front screen.
As a result, Pro X lightbanks with the recessed front have a bit more dramatic falloff or edge transfer and less spill compared to a Pro II lightbank.

While both lightbanks have removable inner baffles, the Pro II front screen is not user-replaceable.
Many users of the Pro X opt to purchase optional diffusion screens for their lightbank, available in 1/2 Grid Cloth Diffusion and 1/4 Grid Cloth Diffusion.

Due to the size of the Elinchrom EL-style bayonet mount, Chimera Speed Rings actually use a larger sized outer frame than other strobe speed rings.

As a result, this means that some light banks require support poles that are shorter in length to fit the larger sized ring.

When ordering the lightbank, simply let your dealer know that you’ll need the shorter pole option to suit an Elinchrom ring, or contact us to setup a swap. We’re here for you, 9AM-5PM Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday at 303.444.8000 or

The Elinchrom Quadra flash heads feature a different modifier mounting style than traditional Elinchrom bayonet mount. For use with a Chimera, two options are available.

If you’re looking for a lighter weight and durable solution, check out the #2815 Speed Ring for Quadra Heads. This ring uses our durable Polycarbonate 4-pole frame and is compatible with Super Pro X, Super Pro Shallow Pro II, Mini, and Maxi light banks, both rectangular and strip. The light mounts to the ring with a specifically-designed adapter bracket, and requires an additional stand adapter, either 3860 (single tilt axis) or 3865 (dual tilt axis) to mount to a light stand.

if you already own Chimera Speed Rings for EL-mount Elinchrom (part number 2170, 2170AL, 2170OP, 2170QR), Elinchrom produces a Dadra Reflector Adapter (part number EL26342) that allows you to use standard EL-mount modifiers, including our speed rings

To combine a Quadra head with any of our 8-pole rings for the OctaPlus and Octa Beauty light banks, a combination of the Elinchrom Quadra Adapter and our 2170OP is required.

While the appearance of a Chimera Speed Rings and Lightbanks may be very similar to other brands of products, we cannot guarantee that our speed rings will fit lightbanks from other manufacturers.

While we have heard of folks using other manufacturer’s lightbanks with our speed rings, we definitely do not recommend it; as we’ve also heard of users breaking support poles, tearing seams, and even damaging the speed ring.

If you have questions about using different series’ or types of Chimera lightbanks on a range of speed rings – feel free to contact us any time at!

Yes! Video Pro lightbanks can easily be used with strobe lighting with our wide range of speed rings to fit most popular flash heads and hot shoe flashes.

By default, a Video Pro lightbank mounted onto a strobe speed ring may be a bit saggier or baggier than normal. This is due to the shorter pole length used on Video Pro banks – but longer poles are available to ensure a properly setup lightbank.

Below is a listing of pole legnths for Video Pro banks, for use with Strobe speed rings*, simply choose the “short” pole length and search the four-digit part number online at

Video Pro XXS Standard Pole: 12.5″ (4005)
Video Pro XXS Short Pole: 13″ (4000)

Video Pro XS Standard Pole: 17.5″ (4015)
Video Pro XS Short Pole: 18″ (4010)

Video Pro Small Standard Pole: 24.5″ (4025)
Video Pro Small Short Pole: 25″ (4020)

Video Pro Medium Standard Pole: 36″ (4035)
Video Pro Medium Short Pole: 36.5″ (4030)

Video Pro Large Standard Pole: 53″ (4045)
Video Pro Large Short Pole: 53.5″ (4040)

Video Pro Strip Small Standard Pole: 24.5″ (4025)
Video Pro Strip Small Short Pole: 25″ (4020)

Video Pro Strip Medium Standard Pole: 36″ (4035)
Video Pro Strip Medium Short Pole: 36.5″ (4030)

Video Pro Strip Large Standard Pole: 53″ (4045)
Video Pro Strip Large Short Pole: 53.5″ (4040)

*Excluding Elinchrom rings 2170, 2170AL, 2170QR, and 2170OP – these use the standard length pole included with Video Pro lightbanks. For more info read:…..-going-on/

Yes! In the majority of cases, Chimera’s strobe speed rings can be converted to use a different light mount should you change strobe systems. Alternatively, if you own a four-pole speed ring, you can upgrade it to an 8-pole for use with our amazing OctaPlus lightbanks or OctaBeauty Collapsible Beauty Dishes.

Some caveats do apply based on which strobe system(s) are factors. Contact our sales and support team for more information at 303.444.8000 M-F 8AM-5PM, or!

Yes! Super Pro X, Super Pro Plus, and Super Pro Shallow lightbanks offer compatibility with our range of interchangeable front screens. These are available in 1/2-Grid (-0.7 stops) and 1/4-Grid (-0.4 stops).

The light weight diffusion provides a more focused / less diffused light source, while slightly increasing output as well. We still recommend using the inner baffle of the lightbank to minimize a hot spot from the light.

To find the right screen for your lightbank, check out the Replacement Parts section of the Chimera site, linked below! Simply find which bank you currently own, and the right products should show!…..ementParts

If you’re unsure of which lightbank you own, or need further assistance feel free to give us a shout 9AM-5PM MST at 303.444.8000 or anytime at!

Mini and Maxi banks were built to complement smaller handheld or hot shoe flash units as an on-camera or lightweight lightbank. The size of the Mini and Maxi match the front dimensions of an XXS (12×16 in) and XS (16×22 in) respectively.

For ease of use and quick deployment, Mini and Maxi feature a sewn-in full diffusion front screen (-1.4 stops of light loss), similar to Chimera’s Pro II banks.

To maximize light output, Mini and Maxi banks can be ordered with a silver interior, or white interior for more even light output. Mini and Maxi lightbanks are designed to operate without an inner baffle

Chimera’s F2X can be assembled completely without tools, utilizing durable aluminum tubing. F2X breaks down into 60” padded duffels, meaning that they can easily be shipped via most international and domestic carriers, including FedEx, UPS, and DHL. F2X lightbanks are available in 5×10, 5×15, 10×20, and 10×30 feet.

The F2 features a modular design with a heavy duty welded steel frame. With truss-like components that bolt together the F2 Modulars are designed for permanent install situations. F2 Modulars can support more individual fixtures compared to the F2X, thanks to its beefier frame, and are available in larger sizes: 10×20, 10×30, 15×30, and 15×40 feet.

Because of the size of the F2 Modular components, freight shipping is required, with receiving at a loading dock recommended. The F2 Modulars ship inside a wooden crate, where a forklift is highly recommended for receiving.