We designed the Universal 1×1 Lightbank #1655 to fit a wide array of square 1×1 style LED panels. At minimum, a light that is at least 12×12″ and 0.75″ thick will fit. At maximum that is 14.75×14.75″ by 2.” The corner elastic as well as two loops to hook around side yoke knobs, help secure the lightbank to the light for a great tool for many popular LED panels!

Lens Screens are an etched plastic screens designed to compliment many of our LED products.

Many LED fixtures are designed as a panel of multiple small diodes, and as a result, they may produce multiple shadows on the subject. The goal of a Lens Screen is to “homogenize” the output, to produce a cleaner shadow.

Lens Screens are also effective in controlling the beam-spread of an LED fixture. They are available in 30-Degree, 5-Degree, and 3×30 Degree. The 3×30 Degree is designed to spread the light by 3 Degrees vertically and 30 Degrees horizontally, while the 30-degree and 5-Degree controls the beam spread uniformly in all directions.

Where Lens Screens differ from fabric screens is that they do not diffuse, or “soften” the light as much. Fabric screens do diffuse more effectively, however, they also reduce the light output more than a Lens Screen, and an additional fabric or honeycomb grid might be needed to control beam spread.

Low-Heat lightbanks are designed for LED and Plasma fixtures that do not output as much heat compared to Tungsten or HMI. The key advantage of a Low-heat lightbank is that the are dimensionally the same as their traditional Video Pro, Daylite Jr. or Quartz lightbanks.

Low-Heat banks included 1/8 Grid diffusion screens and inner baffles, instead of Full Diffusion. This lighter weight diffusion material is designed to compliment the output power of many LED and Plasma fixtures as well.

Low-Heat lightbanks offer lighting professionals a familiarity of light shaper, but with materials that are optimized for Low-Heat luminaires.

The TECH Multi Bracket is compatible with the OctaTECH 5, as well as Daylite Junior lightbanks.

OctaTECH 5: http://chimeralighting.com/sho…..acket-6250
Daylite Junior: http://chimeralighting.com/sho…..ayliteJRLH

Chimera produces two sizes of Space Bracket, Junior and Senior to fit a wide range of Spacelite style fixtures. Listed below are fixtures that we’ve tested to fit:

Chimera Space Bracket Junior (9906)
Sumolight Sumospace
Olessen-SSL / Hollywood Rentals Reel-Lite Mini

Chimera Space Bracket Senior (9916)
Olessen-SSL / Hollywood Rentals Reel-Lite

A range of LED panels in/around the 1×1 form factor can be used with an Octa lightbank in conjunction with Chimera’s TECH Multi Bracket.

The adjustable design of the bracket allows you to move the 5/8” Baby pin mounting spigot to accommodate many of the most popular panel LEDs, including the Cineo Maverick, Litepanels Astra, and ARRi S30 (just to name a few).

Because the shape of light output from panel LEDs is different from a traditional bare-bulb light, we designed the new OctaTECH lightbanks to help ensure the soft, even, wrapping light that Chimera’s Octa lightbanks are known for.

These lightbanks include lighter density baffles and screens to maximize light output, and are backed by Chimera’s standard five-year warranty.

The existing OctaPlus design is not backwards compatible with the new TECH Multi Bracket.
By design, the OctaPlus lightbanks were designed with bare bulb fixtures in mind, and feature a shape to complement that.
The new OctaTECH lightbanks are designed to produce the same even, wrapping light of an OctaPlus, when used with panel LEDs, which output a significantly different quality of light compared to bare bulb lights.

The ARRI SkyPanel lightbanks feature cross compatibility with many of Chimera’s traditional lightbank accessories for increased control.

Chimera’s lightbank for the S30 matches a traditional Small (24×32 in) size. Optionally available are Lighttools® Collapsible Egg Crate Fabric Grids, Chimera Metal Honeycomb Grids, Fabric Barn Doors, and even interchangeable fabric front screens!

The S60 Standard and S60 Shallow matches Medium (36×48) size, also accepting fabric grids, metal honeycomb grids, fabric barn doors, and front screens.

Softening the equality of light requires an increase in the surface area of the light, or “aperture” of the light. While you can soften the quality of light by adding diffusion, increasing the aperture is more efficient and effective.

Two options are available for a wide variety of 1×1 style LED’s. Chimera’s Univeral 1×1 (1655) is a collapsible lightbank that attaches without any hardware to most popular 1×1’s, such as the Litepanels Astra, Limelite Mosaic, F&V K4000, and many many more! The lightbank features elastic loops that hook around the light, and a gusseted design that stretches to accommodate the shape of the light. The 1655 Universal 1×1 includes a 30 degree front lens screen that is slightly frosted with a micro-etched pattern that provides a slight softening of the light, as well as control of the beam spread of the light output.

Second, Chimera’s TECH Multi Bracket has been designed as an adjustable / adaptable problem solver. The bracket attaches to a light stand, and features an adjustable mounting point that we’ve tested successfully with most 1×1’s, as well as the ARRI S30, Cineo Maverick, Creamsource Mini. The TECH Multi Bracket is designed to support Chimera’s OctaTECH lightbanks, as well as Daylite Junior rectangular banks offering a wide variety of light shaping options for panel LEDs.