The 20×60 and 30×50 Lighttools Egg Crate Fabric Grids offer a unique light control tool. By shaping the cells asymmetrically, the controlled beam angle is more rectangular rather than square.

The shape of the rectangular cell is in line with the shape of the lightbank, For instance, with a 20×60-degree grid on a Small (24×32”) lightbank, the beam angle is 20 degrees along the shorter 24” side of the lightbank, and 60 degrees on the longer 32” side.

The asymmetric fabric grids are a great accessory for Chimera Strip lightbanks. They help emphasize the long narrow light output of the strip shape, providing an even more controlled light.

20×60 fabric grids are available for XS, Small, Medium, and all strip lightbanks, while 30×50 degree fabric grids are available only for strip lightbanks.

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