A wide variety of accessories for lightbanks are available. The following lightbank series’ accept the below accessories:
Super Pro X
Super Pro Plus
Super Pro Plus Strip
Super Pro Plus Shallow

Video Pro Plus
Video Pro Plus Strip
Video Pro Plus Shallow

Quartz Plus
Daylite Junior Plus
Daylite Standard Plus
Daylite Senior Plus

Fabric Grids – Attach to the front velcro of the lightbank that and control light spill measured in degrees from the front of the lightbank. These grids are collapsible and fold into a small lightweight (included) bag.

ez[POP] Fabric Grids – Similar to the collapsible fabric grids, however a flexible metal frame allows the grid to still collapse down, but most importantly – adds rigidity and shape to the lightbank.

Honeycomb Metal Grids – These metal grids offer more precise lighting control. Made out of machined aluminum with a honeycomb metal grid in 30, 60, or 90 degree beam spreads, the metal grids attach to the front velcro and precisely prevent light spill without affecting the softness or color temperature of the light. They are shipped in a wooden shipping case for travel and protection.

Stretch Frames – These collapsible frames are constructed out of lightweight aluminum poles and velcro into the front of the lightbank to add shape and rigidy without altering the quality of light. Especially useful on larger lightbanks.

Fabric Barn Doors – The simplest option for controlling the light, these fabric panels velcro onto the sides of the lightbank front, and come in a pair for either the short or long side of the bank. Flexible metal ribs are sewn into the fabric so you shape the barndoor and cut the light as needed.

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