At Chimera, we know how important it is for you to be able to set up, use and break down your equipment quickly and easily—whether you’re in the studio or on location. That’s why we’ve designed our complete line of Chimera products and accessories with simplicity in mind.


Insert the Poles into Sleeves. Match the size of the end of the poles to the holes in the pole blocks of your Speed Ring. Then insert the opposite end of each pole into the pole sleeve openings at the rear of each corner of your Lightbank. Grasp the pole sleeve to keep it straight as you slide the pole fully through the sleeve to the end. Note: Some poles have identical sized ends so it does not matter which end of the pole goes into the sleeve. Other poles have different sized ends and it is important to match them for size to the Speed Ring pole block holes.

Insert the Optional Diffusion Baffle Inside the Lightbank. Attach the diffusion baffle to the Velcro™ tabs located next to the pole sleeves inside the Lightbank a few inches from the front opening. Tabs will align properly if CHIMERA label on baffle is facing the front of the Lightbank.

Mount the Lightbank on Speed Ring. Determine which direction the Lightbank will be oriented, horizontally or vertically, in relation to the light fixture, subject, etc., (Rotating Rings may be mounted either way of course). If you are using a patented CHIMERA Quick Release™ ring, make sure the pole blocks are in the locked position.Begin with the poles at the top for the top of the ring. Insert the poles, one at a time, into the holes at the corners of the Speed Ring. Make sure the poles are fully inserted into the holes. Poles will become increasingly stiff as you move from one pole to the next. Flex poles as necessary so they slip into holes easier. Gripping the pole diagonally opposite from the pole you are inserting will provide extra leverage.

Installing Front Screen (“PLUS” and “PLUS ONE” BANKS ONLY). Make sure the, CHIMERA label is facing towards the front of the Lightbank. Attach the screen to the Lightbank by aligning the back edge of the Velcro® hook strip on the front screen with the back edge of the Velcro® loop strip on the Lightbank. When installed properly, part of the Lightbank’s loop strip is visible in the Lightbank’s recess, just to the front of the front screen.


Cooling. Provide adequate ventilation for your equipment. Use the lighting instrument’s internal cooling fan if available. When using continuous light sources, keep the top flap open as much as possible. Use upper and lower vents to cool Quartz and Daylight Banks. Always allow the Lightbank to cool before disassembling and placing in storage.

Removing the Lightbank from the Speed Ring. If the light is mounted on light stand, start with bottom poles, otherwise, start with any pole. Bend pole slightly towards the rear of the Lightbank to make it easier to slide the pole end out of the hole. Align the pole end with the hole axis and slide pole out using thumb pressure against Speed Ring. Gripping the pole diagonally opposite the pole you are removing will provide extra leverage. If you are using a patented CHIMERA Quick Release™ ring, simply release the locking levers to release to poles tension and then slide the poles from the mounting holes.

Folding and Storage. Leave the poles in Lightbank but remove the optional diffusion baffle and front screen. Crease the short sides of the Lightbank and flatten. Fold the Light bank in half once then roll up and slide into the storage sack. Never store a damp or wet Lightbank.

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