Yes! Super Pro X, Super Pro Plus, and Super Pro Shallow lightbanks offer compatibility with our range of interchangeable front screens. These are available in 1/2-Grid (-0.7 stops) and 1/4-Grid (-0.4 stops).

The light weight diffusion provides a more focused / less diffused light source, while slightly increasing output as well. We still recommend using the inner baffle of the lightbank to minimize a hot spot from the light.

To find the right screen for your lightbank, check out the Replacement Parts section of the Chimera site, linked below! Simply find which bank you currently own, and the right products should show!…..ementParts

If you’re unsure of which lightbank you own, or need further assistance feel free to give us a shout 9AM-5PM MST at 303.444.8000 or anytime at!

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