Softening the equality of light requires an increase in the surface area of the light, or “aperture” of the light. While you can soften the quality of light by adding diffusion, increasing the aperture is more efficient and effective.

Two options are available for a wide variety of 1×1 style LED’s. Chimera’s Univeral 1×1 (1655) is a collapsible lightbank that attaches without any hardware to most popular 1×1’s, such as the Litepanels Astra, Limelite Mosaic, F&V K4000, and many many more! The lightbank features elastic loops that hook around the light, and a gusseted design that stretches to accommodate the shape of the light. The 1655 Universal 1×1 includes a 30 degree front lens screen that is slightly frosted with a micro-etched pattern that provides a slight softening of the light, as well as control of the beam spread of the light output.…..tbank-1655

Second, Chimera’s TECH Multi Bracket has been designed as an adjustable / adaptable problem solver. The bracket attaches to a light stand, and features an adjustable mounting point that we’ve tested successfully with most 1×1’s, as well as the ARRI S30, Cineo Maverick, Creamsource Mini. The TECH Multi Bracket is designed to support Chimera’s OctaTECH lightbanks, as well as Daylite Junior rectangular banks offering a wide variety of light shaping options for panel LEDs.…..acket-9224

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