We do not recommend using continuous lights with a combined output greater than 1,000W in the RingMAXX for strobe. While we have engineered the fabric body to support the modeling typical 300-500W modeling light of the strobe, opening the side heat flaps of the RingMAXX is necessary to not only avoid damage to the fabric body, but also to maintain efficient cooling of your lights as well.

If you are looking to use the RingMAXX with tungsten or HMI lights, the RingMAXX Hi Heat is recommended, which is also compatible with strobes too.

Should you own a RingMAXX for strobe already and are looking to use tungsten or HMI lights, we can upgrade the fabric in order to offer safe operation with high heat lights. Contact us at info@chimeralighting.com or 303.444.8000 Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM MST for more information.

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