The Daylite series of banks is designed to accomodate narrow beam-angle fixtures, most commonly fresnels. They are phyiscally longer in depth than Video Pro or Quartz lightbanks. We remember it as “D for Daylite, D for Deeper.”

Daylite Junior is the deeper counterpart to Video Pro lightbanks, designed for fixtures under 2,000W or 9-5/8″ Speed Ring Diameter.

Daylite Standard is the deeper counterpart to Quartz lightbanks, designed for fixtures from 2kW to 12kW, or Speed Ring Diameters from 9″ to 22-7/8.”

The Daylite Senior, available only in a Large Size is the ulitmate lightbank, supporting fixtures up to a whopping 24,000 watts or Speed Ring Diameters from 24-1/2″ to 29.”

The “X-Small, Small, Medium,” and “Large” we use to refer to all lightbanks refers to the size of the front-screen. This provides uniformity to the size of the source, regardless if you’re working with a strobe lightbank or one for continuous light.

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