Both the Grip Head Adapters and Heavy Duty Stand Adapters aim to solve the same problem: alleviating the weight of larger lightbanks from damaging the light.

Grip Head Adapters utilize a simple design that screws into most speed rings and attaches to a 2.5″ Baby Grip Head. This interfaces with very common pieces of lighting equipment and offers a simple setup.

Heavy Duty Stand Adapters feature custom-built brackets that attach to the speed ring and have an integrated tilt mechanism, that require no additional parts. They offer a bit more refined control over the tilt and positioning of the lightbank, thanks to a large ratcheting lock handle.

While Grip Head Adapters are available for nearly every size and style of Chimera speed rings, Heavy Duty Stand Adapters are only available for Chimera’s four-pole Strobe speed rings, and select Video Pro and Daylite Junior rings.

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