Chimera offers a grip head adapter for most speed rings we offer.

The majority of strobe speed rings, as well as Video Pro and Daylite Junior speed rings 6-1/2″ use a #3770 Grip Head Adapter. The four holes of the adapter align with four holes on the corner of the speed ring near where the pole socket is.

Larger Video Pro and Daylite Junior rings use #3700 Grip Head Adapter, which uses two screws (included) to attach to the outer metal frame of the ring at one of the pole sockets.

For QUartz’Daylite speed rings, two options exist. Grip Head Adapter #3710, accomodates rings up to 29″, and inserts into a 2.5″ Grip Head, ideal for Small and Medium lightbanks. For Large lightbanks, we recommend Grip Head Adapter #3725, which utilizes the larger 4.5″ Junior Grip Head / Lollipop.

Keep in mind that when using a Grip Head Adapter, the lightbank cannot be rotated after mounting as the speed ring is directly affixed to the stand. As a result, some planning is needed.

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