Many of our lightbanks feature compatibility with two different lengths of support poles to match two primary different size of rings. This affects our strobe lightbanks (Super Pro, Pro II, Mini, Maxi) and Video Pro line in order to provide you with the most flexibility.

All Super Pro X, Super Pro Plus Shallow, and Pro II lightbanks ship with poles that are designed to fit the majority of our studio strobe and Versi hot shoe speed rings. Two mounts however, require slightly shorter poles. Elinchrom (part numbers 2170, 2170AL, 2170OP, 2170QR) and the older discontinued Hensel Contra (2186, 2186OP, 2186AL, 2186QRr) speed rings require short poles. Note that the 2186 speed rings have been replaced by the newer 2188, which do not require shorter poles.

Consequently, if you wanted to use the combination of a Video Pro lightbank and a strobe speed ring – alternate poles can be ordered to ensure a proper fit.

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