Lens Screens are an etched plastic screens designed to compliment many of our LED products.

Many LED fixtures are designed as a panel of multiple small diodes, and as a result, they may produce multiple shadows on the subject. The goal of a Lens Screen is to “homogenize” the output, to produce a cleaner shadow.

Lens Screens are also effective in controlling the beam-spread of an LED fixture. They are available in 30-Degree, 5-Degree, and 3×30 Degree. The 3×30 Degree is designed to spread the light by 3 Degrees vertically and 30 Degrees horizontally, while the 30-degree and 5-Degree controls the beam spread uniformly in all directions.

Where Lens Screens differ from fabric screens is that they do not diffuse, or “soften” the light as much. Fabric screens do diffuse more effectively, however, they also reduce the light output more than a Lens Screen, and an additional fabric or honeycomb grid might be needed to control beam spread.

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