Chimera’s F2 and F2X overhead lightbanks feature multiple mounting points to attach strobe or continuous fixtures. The silver interior, wrapped around a durable metal frame, reflects the light to illuminate the front screen, while interior baffles help ensure evenness.

The number of mounting points varies by the size and type of the F2 or F2X, listed below. The F2 Modular features more mounting points than the F2X thanks to its heavier duty welded steel frame, and is ideal for permanent installations. The F2X features a breakdown design that allows it to ship via most common carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

5×10: 2 Mounting Points
5×15: 3 Mounting Points
10×20: 8 Mounting Points
10×30: 12 Mounting Points

F2 Modular
10×20: 16 Mounting Points
10×30: 24 Mounting Points
15×30: 36 Mounting Points
15×40: 48 Mounting Points

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