The majority of lightbanks offered by Chimera feature the ability to accept a grid. This includes:

Super Pro X
Super Pro Plus (Discontinued)
Super Pro Shallow
Super Pro Strip

Octa Beauty

Video Pro Plus
Video Pro Shallow
Video Pro Strip
Video Pro Low Heat

Daylite Junior
Daylite Junior Low Heat

Quartz Standard
Quartz Low Heat

Daylite Standard
Daylite Senior

Barger LiteStrip 4 and 6 Lightbanks

Chimera’s Pro II, Mini, Maxi, and discontinued Pro-series banks are not compatible with fabric grids, as the front screen is flush-mounted and sewn in.

Some older Chimera lightbanks such as Super Pro, Video Pro, and Quart non-plus lightbanks with a sewn-in front screen may feature velcro tabs to accept accessory grids, however we recommend sending these lightbanks in for an upgrade to removable front screens. We replace the sewn-in screen with the same design used on current lightbanks, as well as perform a general inspection for any other repairs to be made.

For more information, feel free to contact us anytime 9AM-5PM MST at 303.444.8000 or online at

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