The F2 and F2X feature standard 5/8″ Baby pin mounting points throughout the frame of the lightbank. This allows a wide variety of fixtures, strobe or continuous, to be mounted throughout.

In general, lights with a fully exposed bulb or dome design is ideal for the most even illumination of an F2 or F2X lightbank. Alternatively open faces or wide / broad beam angle fixtures are suitable.

For continuous tungsten, Chimera’s own Triolet system is a perfect solution, offering up to 1,000W per mounting point (varies by size and style of the F2 / F2X), all within a very durable aluminum housing and compatibility with easily sourced Mogul base tungsten bulbs. In fact, we offer the complete line of F2X overhead lightbanks with Triolets included!

For daylight, any HMI fixture that features a fully exposed bulb, such as a K5600 Joker Bug, or the Kobold Bron HMIs.

For strobes, bare bulb / dome style monoblocks or flash heads are ideal.

In setup, we recommend pointing the fixtures up towards the lid of the lightbank body so that they bounce and illuminate the diffusion.

Some caution must be exercised when positioning the lights as some continuous fixtures are not designed to be operated pointing straight down. Check with the fixture manufacturer for complete and safe operation.

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