Chimera OctaPlus Hi Heat lightbanks are an amazing and unique tool for continuous light. Capable of handling up to 3200W Tungsten or HMI, often times the method of attaching a light can get a bit complicated.

By far the most common fixture with an OctaPlus is either the Chimera Triolet for tungsten, or Joker-Bug / Bug-lites for HMI. Because of the shallow profile of the OctaPlus, a fixture with a fully exposed bulb helps evenly illuminate the lightbank completely without a strong central hot spot.
Joker-Bug OctaPlus Ring: 9780
Triolet OctaPlus Ring: 9890

If a fixture with a fully exposed bulb isn’t an option, we recommend using broader beam fixtures, typically an open face or PAR lensed lensed for WFL, or Super Wide Flood. Historically fresnels have not offered as wide of a beam spread for even lighting in an Octa body, though the combination is possible.

Circular rings from 3″ to 6-5/8″ are available as an OctaPlus ring as well, a few of the more popular rings listed below:
3″ – 9610OP (Arri 150 Fresnel, Mole Inbetweenie, Dedolight 100/150)
5″ – 9640OP (Arri 300 Fresnel, Joker 200 Beamer)
5-1/8″ – 9810OP (Mole Tweenie-4821
6-1/2″ – 9670OP (Arri 650, Joker 400 Beamer)
6-5/8″ -9100OP (Baby 1K)

Modular rings, offer increased usability for circular rings in 9-1/2″ and 9-5/8″ (i.e. Arri T2). These rings feature the option of adding 4 additional pole sockets for use with an OctaPlus.
9-1/2″ – 9203OP
9-5/8″ – 9213OP

Alternatively, certain existing Quartz/Daylite rings can be modified with Chimera’s 3795 Frame Adapters. These black aluminum blocks attach to the sides of the speed ring frame, providing the necessary pole sockets for an OctaPlus. However, because of the different speed ring size, shorter poles must be used with the OctaPlus:

For Quartz/Daylite rings from 9″ to 11″: Attach the 3795 Adapters, and use Pole #4067 (32.5″).
For Quartz/Daylite rings from 12-1/8″ to 14-1/2″: Attach the 3795 Adapters and use Pole #4068 (30.5″

Finally, our 9905 Adjustable ring, which supports fixtures from 9″ to 16-1/8″ features 8-pole blocks, also to be used with an Octa.

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