The maximum weight of a Standard Lightboom is 15 pounds, and Compact Light Boom 7.5 pounds. This is based on using the extension that is included with the light boom. Adding longer stand extensions decreases the maximum weight payload.

In simple terms, the light boom’s maximum payload is a 2:1 in a counterweight-to-light ratio, meaning that your light should be 1/2 the weight of the total amount of counterweight. The standard boom ships with two empty counterweight bags, capable of 15 lbs each, or 30 pounds total. The compact boom includes one empty counterweight bag, capable of 15 pounds.

We recommend using lead shot, in a 5, 6, or 7 guage to fill the counterweight bags, as sand often does not provide enough weight.

The balance can be further fine-tuned by sliding the counterweight(s) forwards and backwards on the rear of the boom.

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