We’ve tested standard and narrow reflectors, as well as metal beauty dishes to be used with the Triolet Profoto adapter.
Metal reflectors primarily are suitable for use with the adapter, as non high-heat lightbanks may be damaged by the heat output of the Triolet.
You can use Chimera’s Video Pro lightbanks on Chimera’s Profoto Aluminum, OctaPlus, or Quick Release speed rings. We do not recommend using the polycarbonate Profoto Speed Ring as it is not designed for high heat output.

The Triolet Profoto adapter attaches to the modifier mount of the Triolet and provides an attachment point compatible with Profoto reflectors. The shape of the adapter retains fore-aft adjustability of both the reflector as well as on the Triolet body, providing a small amount of adjustment for spot/flood in the reflector.

As always when using hot continuous lights, careful monitoring of the light is critical to maintain a safe operation and avoiding damage.

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