The Elinchrom Quadra flash heads feature a different modifier mounting style than traditional Elinchrom bayonet mount. For use with a Chimera, two options are available.

If you’re looking for a lighter weight and durable solution, check out the #2815 Speed Ring for Quadra Heads. This ring uses our durable Polycarbonate 4-pole frame and is compatible with Super Pro X, Super Pro Shallow Pro II, Mini, and Maxi light banks, both rectangular and strip. The light mounts to the ring with a specifically-designed adapter bracket, and requires an additional stand adapter, either 3860 (single tilt axis) or 3865 (dual tilt axis) to mount to a light stand.

if you already own Chimera Speed Rings for EL-mount Elinchrom (part number 2170, 2170AL, 2170OP, 2170QR), Elinchrom produces a Dadra Reflector Adapter (part number EL26342) that allows you to use standard EL-mount modifiers, including our speed rings

To combine a Quadra head with any of our 8-pole rings for the OctaPlus and Octa Beauty light banks, a combination of the Elinchrom Quadra Adapter and our 2170OP is required.

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