There are two options for mounting the RingMAXX to a light stand. The RingMAXX includes two 5/8″ Baby mounting pins that attach to the sides of the RingMAXX frame and interface with standard 2.5″ Grip Heads (not included). Using these two mounting points, you can attach the RingMAXX to a pair of stands. We’ve used standard 20 and 40 inch C-stands as well as steel combo stands with success.

For increased simplicity, Chimera offers an optional yoke for the RingMAXX. Built from durable aluminum, the yoke attaches to the sides of the RingMAXX and provides a single Junior pin mounting point, as well as the ability to easily tilt the RingMAXX. When using the yoke, we recommend low-height rolling stands with a wide footprint such as the American Grip Low-Boy Combo or Matthews Slider Stand. Becase of the 48″ diameter of the RingMAXX, mounting to a standard height stand can often position the RingMAXX too high.

For either stand configuration, it is important to select a grip capable of safely supporting the weight of the RingMAXX as well as the lighting fixtures you select. While the yoke is safely engineered to support the RingMAXX as well as four 800W HMIs or 1000w/s monolights, the stand(s) are dependent on manufacturer specifications.

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