The two most popular light fixtures Chimera product manufacturers are the Triolet and the Socket Ring (#9830), and if you’re looking for a solid, well built light – the two offer some great advantages.

The Socket Ring, AKA mogul socket, or mogul ring is a fairly basic piece of kit. Simply, a ceramic E39 mogul bulb base, with 4-pole sockets to accept most Video Pro lightbanks and Lanterns. Built as a simple problem solver, the Socket Ring puts a light into a lightbank without much fuss. A brass 3/8″ stud and the included Single Axis Stand Adapter let you put it on a stand, and a small thumbscrew allows you to rotate the lightbank, or not. Available in 120 and 220 version, with an inline switch on the attached power cable.

The Triolet (TREE-oh-lay) is more of a system. At the heart, a durable metal-bodied mogul base lamp socket, and a 5/8″ male stud. Included at purchase is a single-axis stand adapter and a E39 Mogul to E26 Edison reducer/adapter. You can order the Triolet in either 120 or 220V with US or Euro plugs. More so, you can decide whether you’d like it to come with a 4-pole Chimera Quick Release ring, or an 8-pole OctaPlus ring.

The Triolet can be further outfitted with the optional 9965 Frosted Dome and Two-Pin bulb adapter/reducer. This gives you an omni-directional light that is beautiful when used with a lightbank.

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