QVP Adapter rods allow you to attach any of Chimera’s Quartz lightbanks onto a Video Pro Speed Ring. Below are a few cases where you might reach for them!

Double Duty: QVP adapter rods would allow you to attach the same lightbank to two different lights, should your needs change. For instance, a Quartz Medium and 2,000W open face is a great combination, but should you need to use a 750W open face, QVP adapter rods would allow you to use the same lightbank.

Size vs. Wattage: The Video Pro lightbanks were designed for smaller continuous fixtures. In some cases, smaller fixtures are capable of exceeding the recommended wattage of a Video Pro lightbank. For example, if you wanted to use a 1600W Joker Bug HMI in a Small (24×32″) lightbank, the associated Video Pro Small is not recommended due to its 1,000W maximum wattage. QVP Adapter Rods would allow you to mount a Small Quartz Lightbank, retaining the same 24×32″ light aperture, without posing a fire or damage risk.

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