The Video Pro Plus 2K Medium was created in response to a large number of Video Pro lightbank owners looking to use their lightbank on a 2,000W continuous source. The Video Pro 2K Medium features a shorter set of poles that allows you to mount the lightbank to a Quartz/Daylite speed ring in the Quartz pole sockets.

While the Video Pro Medium is rated for a maximum recommended wattage of 1200W, a 2000W flood or open face fixture can be used with all four rear flaps open and careful monitoring of the lightbank. Specifically open face or flood fixtures are required as they produce a more evenly dispersed head output. Use of a 2,000W fresnel with its tightly focused beam pattern, may damage the lightbank or diffusion screens.

Critically, the Video Pro Plus 2K Medium MUST be operated with the rear flaps open. Failure to do so may result in burning or damage to the fabric body of the lightbank.

Conversely, the Video Pro Plus 2K Medim can be used with standard Video Pro Rings by way of swapping out for a standard set of support poles, available from the Replacement Parts section of our website, linked below.…..ementParts

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